Executives at QVC in Florence kicked off Florence County Disabilities Foundation’s annual giving campaign with a generous gift! Several ladies served by the Florence County Disabilities and Special Needs Board were on hand to accept the $6,000 gift on behalf of the Florence County Disabilities Foundation.

Summer is almost over, and the new school year is set to begin next week in Florence County. On Monday morning, school buses will be rolling, school speed zone lights will be flashing and the Florence County Sheriff’s Office will be out to enforce the laws designed to keep children safe as they travel to and from school.

The demented motives of shooters in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, go back much further than racial rhetoric from President Donald Trump and U.S. Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. These young men have long been isolated from society, and through the dark, evil websites, they have become self-radicalized to hatred ideologies.

As much as I respect FMU as an institution, I have to wonder if guest columnist's Scott Kaufman's recent one-sided diatribe about Trumps's Praetorian Guard is at all indicative of what's being taught in his history department.

Some remarks are in order regarding "Trump's Praetorian Guard," the guest column by Scott Kaufman that was published Sunday in the Morning News. While I don't have the gall to challenge the writer's grasp of Roman history, I nonetheless declare that his analogy with the current situation is a stretch – generally faulty, often bizarre.

From soaring prescription drug prices to skyrocketing premiums and surprise medical bills, South Carolinians are struggling. Nearly 100,000 families in the Palmetto State lack any realistic access to health care at all, and millions more face mounting costs for even basic checkups.

Andy Brack certainly made his point in his hate-filled rant Saturday in the Morning News. Writing about the indecency of hateful remarks, he fired off some of the most hateful comments about our president I've seen in print (and you know the media has outdone itself in that regard)!

Why is it racist, xenophobic or bigoted for someone to enforce laws enacted by Congress? Why is it racist to point out the terrible living conditions in certain cities? Why is it homophobic to not agree with everything the LBGTQ sector of our society says or does?

In July, I was proud to show off the Pee Dee to Bernie 2020 national co-chair Sen. Nina Turner, a former state senator from Ohio, as we stumped across the region for U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders.

In the past year, Sen. Lindsey Graham has made no secret of his turnabout concerning President Trump. The senator’s reversal in attitude is, of course, his right, but not at the expense of South Carolinians.

The conservative, evangelical political figure, Peter Wehner, recently voiced his dismay that white evangelicals continue to support President Trump. A Pew Research poll found that 70 percent of white evangelical Protestants form the strength of his base.

Maxwell Baptist Church celebrated its 98th birthday on Sunday. During the celebration of this fine church, an honored surprise was given. Deacon Larry Alexander, a longtime member of Maxwell, was called up for a presentation. Little did he know that he would be honored for his work at Maxwell.

I just watched the Democrats continue their Trump-bashing and have one question: When are they going to start the investigation of Hillary Clinton's crimes? After all, she started the Trump inquiry with that phony dossier she paid for.

Again these Antifa thugs almost killed an innocent journalist in Portland, Oregon, while the police stood by while the Antifa (aka Black Shirts) tried to kill this innocent person.

I have been meaning to write a letter to the editor for some time regarding what I see as the mindless call for equal pay for the women's national soccer team. When I saw Rachel Greszler's column in the Morning News on Tuesday with the headline "Why the pay gap between women's and men's soccer?" I thought she beat me to the punch; I waited too long. But, while she made some valid points, she missed by far the most important point: a difference in ability.

Your front-page article “Smoke in the water” in the July 9 edition of the Morning News infuriates me. I cannot believe that you gave such attention to a product (tobacco) that is harmful to the health of those who use it.

A company in Florence that is a strong advocate for our veterans has partnered with the Lamplighter Restaurant on South Irby Street in Florence to offer a free breakfast for all veterans. The breakfast is held at 8 a.m. on the fourth Monday of each month in the private dining area.

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At The Heritage Foundation, we’re always thinking about ways to talk to new and nontraditional audiences about how conservative principles can create the greatest freedom, opportunity, prosperity and civil society for the American people.

President Trump has repeatedly promised, "America will never be a socialist country." Since Franklin Roosevelt began expanding government in the 1930s, the United States has increasingly adopted big-state policies associated with socialism.


Recently, the State Department revised its definition of anti-Semitism to include "drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis" – an apparent response to the rise of the anti-Israel BDS (Boycott, Divest and Sanctions) movement whose supporters routinely make such comparisons.

After the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, investigators discovered that the lone man assigned to guard the president, John Parker, had abandoned his post to watch the play from an adjacent box at Ford's Theater. Worse, at intermission, Parker adjourned to a nearby saloon to have drinks with some friends. It was during the second act that John Wilkes Booth entered the president's box and shot him.

The battle over human rights and values is raging in Asia, particularly in China. With more than one million Uighur Muslims in political re-education facilities, religious persons of all stripes facing persecution, and mounting evidence that China is exporting its surveillance technology to countries across the globe, human rights violations in the region are on the rise.

I had my first car accident at 15, a few months after I got my license. An elderly man ran a red light and hit me in my mom’s car near the front passenger side.