With the partial government shutdown now in its fourth week, one would think those in power would want to work toward a solution. I’ve always been told a picture is worth a thousand words, so seeing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi in Hawaii for two weeks during the holidays, other Democratic leaders in the Bahamas living the life but telling everyone how bad President Trump is for wanting to enforce laws that were enacted by Congress and signed by previous presidents is a real head scratcher, in my opinion.

On Dec. 28, the Morning News published a column by Cal Thomas titled, "Osama Bin Laden was right." In it Thomas quotes Bin Laden as saying, "Look at Vietnam, look at Lebanon. Whenever soldiers start coming home in body bags, Americans panic and retreat. Such a country needs only to be confronted with two or three sharp blows, then it will flee in panic as it always has." Bin Laden was wrong and is dead, but he was not the first Asian to assess America in this light. Ho Chi Minh said North Vietnam would win because they were willing to lose for longer than the Americans were willing to win. He was right.

Those school districts in South Carolina that are struggling to improve academically are most likely located in underprivileged communities. These are communities where support for education is weak, and many people consider improving failing public schools the sole responsibility of the state and school boards.

On Dec. 27 I watched a program on the History Channel titled "The Men Who Built America" about the robber barons of the late 19th century and early 20th century.

I live on South Cashua Drive, which is undergoing a seemingly never-ending widening process. When the Department of Transportation had the initial informative meeting in 2012 about this project, we were told that the funds for the project had been set aside for it so a lack of funds would not be a problem, but that it would be the end of 2014 before the widening would be completed.

Why in the world do our city and county councils and/or local law enforcement allow the sheer stupidity of privately owned fireworks to continue? Or, for that matter, government-sponsored fireworks?

Someone needs to remind Gabriel Batarseh that the United States is NOT, and never has been, a democracy (" We are not a dictatorship ," Friday letter to the editor). We are a representative republic. There is quite a difference!

Once upon a time cheerleaders wore heavy sweaters and long skirts. Simple cheers were “two bits, four bits, six pence a dollar, all stand up and holler.”

Once upon a time cheerleaders wore heavy sweaters and long skirts. Simple cheers were “two bits, four bits, six pence a dollar, all stand up and holler.” It was impossible to predict risky gymnastics, and risqué gyrations were in the unforeseeable future. We thought character was learned and developed by following “golden rules.” If we matured and lived long enough, we discovered that character is developed by errors in judgements.

After watching our elected-by-a-minority-of-voters POTUS demonstrate his childish attitude when he doesn't get his way – which, if you haven't noticed, he does frequently – I had a saving thought about our so-called border security.

President Trump may use the expression "fake news" a little too much, but it does seem the liberal-controlled media likes to fan any fire that puts Trump and the Republicans in a bad light. It's gotten real old. One of the current fake storylines is there are federal government employees working "without paychecks." No, they're not; they're working with delayed paychecks. They will get paid for all of their work. And, the Democrats can take a large part of the responsibility for the shutdown, but that is seldom mentioned.

There is a big beautiful package waiting to be opened. The gift is for everyone and it will change your heart and life forever. It is a gift from God.

Here it is the Christmas holidays and there is one present I hope Santa brings to everybody who is behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. I hope Santa and the DMV come out with a book on how to pass the DMV driving test for a South Carolina driver's license.

First and foremost, I support the efforts of the Florence County Sheriff's Office and the Florence County Council to support the county law enforcement personnel with their efforts to obtain a fair and competitive salary. The inherent danger of their duties warrants special consideration. In the past, it seems financial concerns were slanted toward equipment and "special" items.

In his column that was published Tuesday by the Morning News [“There’s a word for Democrats’ negotiating strategy: insanity”], Marc Thiessen listed items laid out in the Democrats' agenda, but he left out one important item. How do they believe they will pay for these wonderful promises?

The back and forth at the bargaining table must have been intense for Mexico to allow us to pay for the border wall. We can be sure there will be an executive order issued allowing undocumented workers to build the wall in the spirit of cost control.

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When you receive your paycheck and look at the withholding for federal, state and sometimes city taxes, along with Social Security and Medicare, you probably don't think you're underpaying governments and want them to take more.

The board of directors of the state’s largest and perhaps most vital regulatory agency, the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC), announced it had selected a fellow board member to be the agency’s new director.

Having heard of plans to build a roundabout at the intersection of East Evans and Baroody (once Front) streets beside a railroad crossing, I rode down the other day to see how it was going.

Despite advance billing that President Trump's border wall speech would break news and contain new information, it was mostly familiar rhetoric: Criminals and drugs, rapists and murderers are coming to America and the wall is the only way to stop them.

It’s the central dividing line of American politics: the age-old debate between those who generally favor higher spending and taxes and those on the other hand who believe it’s beneficial to let taxpayers keep more of their own money.

I never had a course in economics or business, but I did have “Norb Dorsel 101,” my dad’s view of money management. It involved being smart with work, money, savings and investing, thereby stretching and growing money in a way that seemed like extra money.