The Florence Veterans Park continues to grow, thanks to the generosity and support of dozens of companies, businesses, civic clubs, organizations and individuals. For several years, the park has been ranked the No. 1 “Thing To Do” per the non-scientific Trip Adviser website.

During the years of the Vietnam War, many of the leftists and communists and other anti-Americans called the U.S. troops who fought in Vietnam baby killers to brainwash Americans whose minds were not too completely formed on real issues.

Special thanks to the cast and crew of the musical “Mamma Mia!” that was recently presented by the Florence Little Theatre. It was a magnificent performance directed by Jumana Swindler and the production team.

Darlington has created a new playground area on Hampton street; I saw pictures on Facebook. The caption read, “The Hampton Street Playground in Darlington is open for business! Thank you Darlington City Council for investing in our kids.” Eye roll No. 1.

In regard to Donna Carter's letter to the editor Saturday ("Departures are disappointing"), I agree with her on the two doctors mentioned, Dr. Rajesh Malik and Dr. Brian Wall, and their departure from the McLeod Regional Medical Center. They have both gone above and beyond their respective "Call of Duty" as they treat their patients, literally having the patients' lives in their hands.

In a Jan. 20 article by Tyler Durden, he explains why many Republicans in select California districts watched what they thought were their victories of election night erode away over the next days and weeks as absentee votes were counted. This was reported as the result of vote harvesting, which allows anyone to go door-to-door collecting mail-in ballots on behalf of voters.

I have received some of the best care at McLeod Regional Medical Center. I have witnessed firsthand the loving care that the nurses, doctors and staff put forth toward their patients.

On Thursday evening, I listened to the beautiful voices of the Florence Men’s Choral Society as they paid homage to the soldiers who fought in a war for us and did not come home.

In the Morning News on May 19, the article “Navajo Nation homes get electricity” is reality news. According to the article, it will take 35 years at the current pace to provide electricity for the remaining 60,000 people without electricity on the 180,000-person Arizona Indian reservation.

In reference to the editorial “Anti-abortion zealots use big government to narrow democracy” by Andy Brack, I have just one thought I would like to use to refute his blatant support of the killing of unborn babies.

John H. Bethea’s letter to the editor on May 13 struck a nerve with me. I, too, wonder why the liberal socialists are treating so many Americans badly. Americans always have a disagreeing opinion about policies that the different political parties want put into law. Over the past 200 years of our nation, we do try to come together. Our leaders of the political parties have to stop and come together for the good! Isn’t that word “compromise”?

In his letter to the editor that was published Sunday in the Morning News, Dr. Charles Trant raises several questions and points that he asks me to address. I do so here.

S.C. Gov. Henry McMaster must know that the state of this country is in grave peril. There have been recent attacks on women and women's right to their own body that are unconstitutional. These new bills that are popping up in Alabama and Georgia are taking away our rights as women to choose what happens to our bodies. If the government was really interested in getting rid of abortions, they should start by making health care more accessible for women, especially women of color. Women of color use health care at a lower rate than their white counterparts. Our government should help make access to birth control and condoms easier. We should have health classes teach proper sexual education and not just "say no."

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If you ignore the bloody prick of a rusty nail, the wound might become infected or lead to something much worse.

Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden is taking heat and light for his recent switcheroo on abortion rights. But Biden is hardly alone in his inconsistency on this volatile issue. Some of us remember how now-president Donald Trump made a famous abortion switcheroo, too.

I was planning on a Father’s Day column, extolling my own dear, departed daddy, when a dear friend, a mentor and deacon in our church finally succumbed to the cancer he had fought quietly for so many years. I was invited to give a eulogy at his funeral home service, which I did with great honor and love.

I am reminded of a song that says “There will be hills and mountains to climb.” Without a doubt, the writer was referring to the challenges that all of us will face sooner or later in life.

(*-The fact that I had to add quotations around taboo in the headline makes what I am writing that much more important.)

A week ago, my son walked across the stage as an honor graduate of South Florence High School. I was so excited, and I am very proud of him!

You know the Gospel passage about Jesus being “lost” in the temple. Of course, he wasn’t lost at all. At 12 years old, he just took it upon himself to stay behind when his family departed Jerusalem so he could interact with the elders in the temple.