As the mother of Deputy Sheriff Keneth Alton Welch of Florence and all of the other family members of each office, we share the same feelings. We all know first hand, that each officer puts his or her own life aside to keep cities and communities safe. When officers are sworn in, from the very beginning they know that they could be putting their own life in jeopardy, and they try to help people. Saving lives means everything to them.

I and all of the other family members have the utmost respect for our loved ones who are in office. I and all of the other family members also know that before those officers walk out that door, they all know that they stand the chance of never seeing their families again. I commend each of them for putting their own life aside to keep us safe.

As for the Oct. 3 shooting that happened in Florence, to all of the officers who responded, a thank you is not enough in times like that. As for all the officers who have gotten hurt, shot or even killed, there are no words or enough gratitude to feel for each officer. God bless all of our officers.

This letter is dedicated to all of the officers who responded to that shooting and all other shootings but mostly to the ones who have gotten killed or hurt.

In loving memory of Sgt. Terrence Carraway and other officers who lost their lives.



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