Happy New Year!

By now you’ve probably decided that 2019 wasn’t your year. You may have convinced yourself that 2020 will be the year that you do everything you’ve never done in an attempt to make all of your wildest dreams come true.

You may have vowed that by the summer you will have lost enough pounds to fit into that one or two sizes too small piece of clothing that’s been hanging in the back of your closet for the past few months or even years.

Maybe you’re finally considering starting the new business you’ve been putting off because of the fear of failure. You may have set a goal to simply save money.

Whatever the case may be, you’re not alone!

Somehow the goal of weight loss manages to make its way to my top three every year. Whoever needs to hear this, I get it. With the last quarter of the year being filled with celebrations such as birthdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s inevitable that I’d find myself in this position again.

I spent the past few months sharing my weight-loss challenges and success with my best friend, who has similar weight-loss goals. Each day, we updated one another by sending pictures or messages of what we had eaten. We even sent pictures of the amount of time documented on our treadmills each time we finished a workout.

She went on a cruise in December, and during those few days, we got a little out of control. She had all-day access to all-you-can eat buffets, and I was just enjoying not having to update her on my bad behavior.

So here I sit, diet journal in one hand and all of the brand-new snug-fitting clothes that I’ve purchased over the past year in the other. Needless to say, we’re starting fresh this year. We have this little saying that usually makes us feel better the day after we’ve gotten off track: “It’s a new day. We got this.” Of course, the first text of the new year started off with, “it’s a new year, we got this.”

I’ve heard more than a few of my peers say that they resolve to make and save more money. As a jumpstart, I’ve witnessed some of them stuff themselves on New Year’s Day with enough collard greens and field peas to feed an army. I think they’d be better off taking the same approach as I did with the weight loss. Write it out.

This is not the only route that I’ve seen others take in an attempt to receive good fortune. My mother forbids anyone other than a male from being the first to walk through the front door of her home on New Year’s Day. If you pay her a visit on the first day of the year, you’d better have a male in tow, because you will not be welcomed in until one shows up. True story.

I have to admit that I don’t believe the consumption of certain foods will guarantee me a prosperous new year. If anyone can prove that collard greens, field peas and cornbread represent paper money and gold, then I’ll gladly consider these as must-haves for next year’s menu. I think that sitting down with a pen and pad might increase your chances of prosperity in the year ahead.

Although I didn’t get involved with many of these new year traditions, I did wake up and chant, “Rabbit rabbit.” I just happened to wake up before anyone could say something that would require a response, so I figured I’d give it a try. Hey, if this is said to bring good luck when said aloud at the beginning of each month, why not shoot for good luck all year. Since it’s also the start of a new decade, why not push this good luck a little bit further?

I wish you the best of luck in whatever it is that you resolve to change this year. Remember, “We got this!”

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Christine McCormick Cooper lives in Florence and is employed at PGBA. She enjoys spending time with her husband, teenage triplet sons and daughter. Contact her at citizencolumnist@florencenews.com.

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