I just left an appointment, and I was encouraging a colleague to pursue a career in which he has been involved for a number of years. As I was encouraging him, I told him to not let his age keep him from his anointed appointment.

He discussed his fears and insecurities about pursuing his dreams. I understand exactly what he feels. We all have dreams, but sometimes the thought of achieving them or not achieving them is intimidating in itself.

We tend to get into a comfortable place in our lives, and moving beyond that can be scary. I am currently working on a project that has been in the works for a few years. This year I have given it much attention, and I hope to complete it by end of spring 2019.

I set a previous goal, but those negative thoughts crept in and made my pursuit more extensive. But the lesson I’ve learned is that we often stifle ourselves from achieving our goals or getting the things we want. We fear failure. We all want to achieve those dreams, but the desire to get it right and be successful in the process creates stressors.

I posted to my Facebook page, “Why are some people waiting for 2019 to do big things? If God grant me, I have 36 more wonderful days to do some great things! #doitnow #whywait”

I had to motivate myself, but it is easy to put off things that really can and should be done today. Being great cannot be achieved by procrastination. I kick myself all the time for not being disciplined enough to go work out consistently. I create too many excuses when it is as simple as planning my workouts and then following through.

I want to go to the next level of success. What that looks like for me is obviously different for everyone else, but we should all have a desire to do more. I want to do more financially, but I also want to do more in my community.

Expectation is also key to the next level. I had to go through a lot this year and face a lot of hurts and tragedy to understand that what some of what I expected is almost exactly what occurred. When I started expecting great things, I started to have a better outlook.

As I close out 2019, I am expecting wonderful things for the remainder of this year and the upcoming year. I am ready for the next phase! I hope you are, too. Happy Holidays!

Continuing to remember #166- FlyFarrahFly.

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Jennifer Robinson is the executive director of Empowered to Heal, a grassroots organization that provides transitional assistance to survivors of sexual abuse. She is a wife and mother who loves to travel, read magazines and network. She can be reached at empoweredtoheal@gmail.com.

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