PAMPLICO, S.C. -- During 2018, the Pamplico Town Council continued with several major infrastructure projects that were funded by the Florence County Capital Project Sales Tax Funds, the SRF-SC State Revolving Fund and the RIA-SC Rural Infrastructure Authority Fund.

During 2018 and early 2019, we have completed several major projects that will benefit the town of Pamplico and the surrounding community for years to come. The largest project was building a new 10-inch water line from the town’s new water tower at Hyman to the Evergreen community approximately eight miles away. We also added a new water well at the corner of Francis Marion and Cox Road. The cost of these two projects was approximately $2 million, with an increase of 42 new water customers, and both were funded by the Florence County Penny Tax Fund.

We are in the process of repainting the town’s water tower on River Road near Pamplico. We also are doing some renovations of the electrical systems at the Hyman and River Road wells.

One of the very important projects that will be complete in 2019 is the conversion of the town’s water treatment systems, which are being changed over from gas chlorine to liquid chlorine, which is much safer to use. Both our water system and wastewater system will be changed over to liquid chlorine.

The widening of S.C. 51 to a four-lane highway is well underway, and the contractors are working in the town of Pamplico. New sidewalks and the new highway are taking shape and hopefully will be complete by early summer 2019.

Florence Economic Development is working on smaller businesses to move to our area, and hopefully we will see some success this year. McCall Farms has moved into the old J.P. Stevens Plants on Old River Road, and it has established a warehouse distribution operation in the buildings.

In 2018, we renovated our Trade Street Park and replaced some of the park equipment with newer, safer equipment.

Marsh Lumber Company and Double A Truck Builders businesses are continuing to operate in our area, and their operations are continuing to be a success.

Our Cypress Festival was a success in 2018, and the Festival Committee is working on 2019. We hope for a very good turnout in October.

The community “Meals on Wheels” program is still active in the Pamplico Area and continues to help seniors who need meals each day of the week.

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