JOHNSONVILLE, S.C. -- The city of Johnsonville has made major strides in the past year, particularly in the areas of technology and development.

We are getting various elements in place now so we are prepared for future development. By upgrading infrastructure and technology, city leaders are making the safety and quality of life of our citizens a top priority.

A competent and dedicated staff is a key to progress in any city. Johnsonville hired Jim Smith as city administrator in July of 2017. Jim has reorganized administrative functions and processes within the city administrator’s office. He has revised and improved the communication process with city council members, employees and citizens.

Economic development and the revitalization of our downtown are priorities in Johnsonville. In January of last year, the staff position of downtown development director was established. A project in the design phase is the construction of a new municipal complex on East Broadway Street. City leaders are hopeful this will increase foot traffic and be a catalyst for other development and improvements to Broadway properties. Enhancements to Hampton Park near downtown include the addition of security cameras and improvements to the Community Building.

A $450,000 project to renovate Odell Venters Landing, including a new ramp and floating dock, was expected to be completed by May. Federal grant money is funding the project, which will increase tourism in the area. The city also is negotiating the purchase of 42 acres of conservation land on S.C. 41/51 near the landing.

The city has assisted in negotiations to redevelop the golf course at The Wellman Club and preparation for construction of a 37-unit apartment complex called Yorkshire at the Providence.

To improve the night-time safety and aesthetics of the city, Johnsonville has converted all overhead street lighting to LED. The lights are brighter and more energy-efficient. The indoor lighting in all city-owned facilities also has been converted to LED.

In January of 2017, Johnsonville began a city-run residential garbage collection service. This has proved to be mutually beneficial for the city and its citizens. The city also bid out commercial waste services for all businesses in the city.

The largest water system expansion project in Johnsonville’s history is nearing completion. The project can add nearly 200 water connections in the Vox Community, and it also includes a state-of-the-art water tank to serve the new customers. The city also is in the process of upgrading all 1,900 water meters in the water distribution system.

The next major infrastructure project will be the development of plans and specifications for upgrading and modernizing the wastewater treatment facility.

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