TIMMONSVILLE, S.C. -- Florence County School District Four is proud to announce that we have made significant improvements throughout the district this school year.

Both Brockington Elementary and Johnson Middle Schools are no longer identified as Priority Schools, and we have actively sought and formed partnerships with entities that will provide increased opportunities for our students. Increased STEAM experiences resulting from the partnership with Stem U has allowed us to provide our students with first-hand interactions with robotics and exposure to building and programming drones. In addition, our high school students have been given the opportunity to obtain drone FAA remote pilot certification.

Following on our beliefs to prepare individuals who are well rounded, we have also partnered with the Auntie Karen Foundation to provide our students with instruction in art, chorus, African drums, guitars, robotics, dance and drama.

Through our partnership with Honda, we have been provided with financial support that will enhance and sustain programs that are innovative and rigorous.

We have also embraced the concept of mentorship and are proud to announce that, from our partnerships with Girls University and 100 Black Men of America Inc., our students have been provided with positive role models who have been providing personalized mentorships, industry and college tours, as well as motivational talks.

Realizing the vital role that families play in the success of our students and school, through implementation of the Strengthening Families Program by First Steps, more than 40 families have completed a 14-week course that focuses on communication as a family.

We stand firmly behind our mission to prepare students who are college and career ready in the 21st century, and as such, we continue to plan programs that will be significantly beneficial to our students and the community at large.

For the upcoming school year, Florence County School District Four will embark on initiatives that will reduce class sizes and expand the offerings within the current partnerships that will include virtual parent-teacher conferences, a virtual STEM lab at the middle school level, visual and performing arts as well as exposure to foreign languages at the elementary level.

There will also be an expansion of the early childhood department that will include a 3K program.

Continued collaboration with surrounding districts will provide greater professional development for all employees.

At Florence Four, we are progressively exceeding expectations!

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