PAMPLICO, S.C. -- During 2017, the Town of Pamplico continued with several major infrastructure projects that were funded by the Florence County capital projects sales tax funds.

These projects included the new water line extension project from the new Hyman Water Tank to the Evergreen area on S.C. 51, Cox Road and Francis Marion Road. The project cost $1,428,600 and included the laying of 37,900 feet of new 8- and 10-inch water line and is now 90 percent complete. We have a capacity of providing town water to 60 new customers on this line and have 35 new customers signed up.

We are rebuilding a water well at the corner of Cox Road and Francis Marion Road that was donated to Pamplico by the city of Florence. This well will provide water to the new customers in the Evergreen area. The construction cost is $575,886. This project is 50 percent complete.

The widening of S.C. 51 to four lanes from Florence to U.S. 378 will go through Pamplico. Construction is well underway. A contractor is rebuilding the road through Pamplico. This will include approximately one mile of new sidewalks and new asphalt on Walnut Street.

We are also in the construction phase of remodeling our main waste water facility, and we are changing the treatment procedure from UV-Ultraviolet light to liquid chlorine. We are pumping waste water from Pamplico to our waste water facility five miles away near the Great Pee Dee River. The cost is $471,625. This is funded by a grant from the SCDHEC Revolving Fund Program. The project is 50 percent complete.

During 2017, we received a $50,000 grant from the Drs. Bruce & Lee Foundation to assist with the remodeling of the old Pamplico Theater to be used as a community center. We have replaced the roof with a new A-metal roof at a cost of $60,000. We are upgrading the electrical and the A/C heating and air system. This total project will cost approximately $250,000.

Our annual Cypress Festival was held in September 2017. We celebrated Pamplico for two fun-filled days of activities and events for the entire town. Among other attractions, we had the biggest car show we have had (101 cars).

The Pamplico Public Library observed its 10th anniversary during the Cypress Festival.

Marsh Furniture Company recently donated eight acres of wooded timber land on Sixth Avenue at the LaVerne Ard Park for the town to expand the youth ballfields and add additional parking.

Pamplico recently received a $7,000 grant from the S.C. State Parks and Recreation to be used to replace park equipment at the town’s parks.

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