Coker College IPad

Coker College IPad

HARTSVILLE, S.C. -- First-time students enrolled into the Fall 2018-19 school year will receive Apply iPads as a way to instantly connect them to Coker College. The school wants these students to connect to AccessCoker.

According to Coker officials, “Strategic planning discussions during the 2016-17 academic year determined that the college should create a more visible and intentional ‘student success’ initiative beginning in 2017, that it should seek to consider the unique needs and dispositions of the homeland generation.”

Susan Henderson, Coker’s chief academic officer and dean of the faculty, said this was going to be a vital link between students and the college.

“Incoming students will be getting an iPad and an Apple pencil, but it’s more than that,” Henderson said. “There are a number of students who don’t have a computing device. We need to better address the homeland generation. We want to make college more successful.”

Henderson said digital literacy is important and the college wants to help improve that in three areas:

  • Personalize the college experience.
  • Create connections between students, faculty and the college.
  • Reimagine collaboration.

Students don’t all learn the same way. AccessCoker ensures that all members of the campus community has access to customizable tools can grow with them and adapt to their needs.

Creating connections means that learning is not confined to the classroom. AccessCoker uses the devices to help record, analyze, inform and interact with the ideas presented.

Great things happen when great minds think together. AccessCoker creates an environment where students can engage with others, offer and receive feedback and experiment with new approaches to problem solving.

“We have been working with all faculty members, all of the head athletic coaches and staff who work primarily in the student success initiative,” Henderson said.

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