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Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center added 11 doctors of various specialties in 2018; refurbished the medical office buildings; opened a new surgical floor with 12 bed; opened an inpatient admitting unit; and Implemented a 1-800 admit phone number.

HARTSVILLE, S.C. -- Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center has made strides in several areas.

“Carolina Pines is committed to the growth of services that will positively impact our community," Carolina Pines chief operating officer Sue Shugart said. " In 2018, we demonstrated that in the addition of new physicians and new services.”

In August, Project Search was initiated with five interns from the Darlington County School District. This project “serves young adults through innovative workforce and career development,” according to its mission statement.

The five interns learn job skills and work a regular weekly schedule while continuing their education.

The Care Transitions Coaching Program allows for a reduction in re-admissions, a 30-day program that includes one hospital visit, one home visit and multiple calls. There is a focus on medication management, specialist follow-ups, red-flag education and patient-centered records. The program is free for patients.

The hospital added new technology in the areas of congestive heart failure and pacemaker implants.

The hospital took on several physical improvements:

>> It added 11 doctors of various specialties in 2018.

>> It refurbished the medical office building.

>> It opened a new surgical floor with 12 beds.

>> It opened an inpatient admitting unit.

>> It implemented a 1-800 admit phone number.

Carolina Pines wants to meet the challenges of accessing health services while being price conscious, and it wants to provide the best service and outcomes.

It also wants to continue grow an already growing medical staff, partner with Pee Dee Regional Transit Authority and implement the telehealth technology.

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