JOHNSONVILLE, S.C. – Johnsonville native Alycesaundra Lyerly is making a name for herself in the fashion industry at the young age of 12.

During the September New York Fashion Week, the young designer and model had two shows on the runway that she designed. She showed pieces in the Art Hearts and hiTechMODAshows.

The collection, titled Innocence, featured couture pieces that were all pink and white. Alycesaundra’s pieces have a collar, which is her signature mark, she said.

Alycesaundra said her sister, Giavanna, was her inspiration for the pieces because Giavanna has always been there for her.

“I always told her that I was going to be a famous designer and she was going to be my most famous model. Here we are living our dream,” Alycesaundra said.

Giovanna also modeled in Alycesaundra’s shows. Alycesaundra said her sister was her first model.

“Seeing my designs on the runway was so much fun, and I got to see my beautiful twin sister model,” Alycesaundra said.

The recent New York Fashion Week shows aren’t Alycesaundra’s first time showing her designs on the runway. Alycesaundra has designed for New York Fashion Week for five years, and has shown designs in smaller shows in Charlotte, Atlanta, Myrtle Beach and other cities.

“In the beginning my designs were just one straight line,” Alycesaundra said. “Now I can do any type of sewing technique. As I’ve grown older, my designs have grown older, too.”

The hiTechMODA show uses an app that allows people to purchase the pieces off the runway by putting in their measurements. Kelly Lyerly, Alycesaundra’s mom, said all of her daughter’s pieces sold from the show.

Alycesaundra’s designs, Kelly said, are one of a kind and custom made.

Alycesaundra said she hopes to encourage other children to chase their dreams.

“I love to design, and I also want to inspire other children to chase their dreams no matter how young they are,” Alycesaundra said. “No matter what challenges they face, they can always chase their dream like I am following mine.”

Though the September New York Fashion Week just ended, Alycesaundra is already working on designs for the next New York Fashion Week in February.

Kelly said Alycesaundra will more than likely show in the same two shows in February that she did this fall.

“Alycesaundra has shown interest and has a lot of talent and potential with her designs,” Kelly said. “As long as she keeps dreaming, then we are going to keep helping her chase her dream.”

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