FLORENCE, S.C. − The South Carolina Department of Transportation plans to rehabilitate or reconstruct more than additional 16 miles of Florence County roadways over the next fiscal year. 

According to a plan released this month and approved by the state department of transportation commission, the department of transportation plans to rehabilitate 3.68 miles of East Palmetto Street (U.S. 76) in Florence, 1.62 miles of West Main Street (U.S. 378 Business) near Lake City, 0.79 miles of Loop Road and 0.16 miles of the S-29 Connector.

The department also plans to reconstruct 3.31 miles of John Paul Jones Road, 4.5 miles of Old River Road, 0.8 miles of Bass Road, 0.65 miles of Frontage Road, 0.34 miles of Gilbert Drive and 0.73 miles of Turner Road. 

In Darlington County, the department plans to rehabilitate 1.4 miles of Pearl Street (S.C. 34), 0.65 miles of South Gov. Williams Highway (U.S. 52), 0.66 miles of South Main Street (U.S. 52), 0.32 miles of Sonoco Road, 0.08 miles of Buchanan Street, 0.18 miles of Darlington Street, 0.89 miles of South Railroad Avenue, 0.3 miles of West McIver Road, 0.59 miles of Wells Street, 0.27 miles of Brockington Street, 0.16 miles of Davis Street and 0.93 miles of Blanding Street. 

It also plans to reconstruct 1.94 miles of South Center Road, 3.67 miles of Seven Pines Road, and 1.61 miles of Palmetto Road. 

In Marion County, the department plans to rehabilitate 3.09 miles of S.C. 576 westbound, 0.78 miles of S.C. 576 eastbound, 0.72 miles of North Main Street (U.S. 501 Business), 0.99 miles of East Godbolt Street, 0.83 miles of Gapway Street and 0.25 miles of Montgomery Street. 

The department plans to reconstruct 0.28 miles of U.S. 501 Business southbound, 0.31 miles of U.S. 501 Business northbound and 2.11 miles of Sawyer Road. 

In Williamsburg County, the department plans to rehabilitate 1.42 miles of S.C. 41, 0.96 miles of North Main Street (S.C. 41), and 0.95 miles of Academy Street (S.C. 527). 

The department also plans to reconstruct 1.96 miles of the Thurgood Marshall Highway (S.C. 527), 2.4 miles of Mount Vernon Road, 0.19 miles of West Brook Street, 1.68 miles of Kindle Park Road, 2.29 miles of Hollaman Road, 1.3 miles of Rough Island Road and 1.89 miles of Pepper Hill Road. 

In Dillon County, the department plans to rehabilitate 1.92 miles of S.C. Highway 34, 0.56 miles of Camp Road and 0.96 miles of Grady Road. It also plans to reconstruct 3.14 miles of S.C. Highway 57, 1.44 miles of Judge Road, 1.05 miles of Haymount Road, 1.12 miles of the Henry Extension and 1.77 miles of Kemper Church Road. 

And in Marlboro County, the department plans to rehabilitate 5.34 miles of S.C. Highway 9, 0.52 miles of Railroad Avenue, 0.46 miles of Gordon/Boundary Street, 0.4 miles of Breeden Street, 0.17 miles of Stokes Road, 0.17 miles of Delano Street, 0.17 miles of Polston Street, 0.35 miles of Pine Street, 0.22 miles of Clark Street, 0.1 miles of Ranson Street, 0.81 miles of Stubbs Avenue, 1.83 miles of Donaldson Road, 0.73 miles of Carollton Avenue and 0.52 miles of McLeod Street. 

It also plans to reconstruct 3.58 miles of Brickyard Road. 

Statewide, the department plans to rehabilitate or reconstruct 661 miles of new roadways in 2020-2021 at a cost of $562 million. These new projects are in addition to $1.3 billion of projects currently underway. 

The projects implemented probably will be available soon for mapping via the department's project mapping tool located by going to SCDOT.org, clicking the programs and projects link at the top of the screen and selecting Project Viewer on the next screen.

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I cover the city of Florence, the county of Florence, the state legislative delegation of Florence County and surrounding areas, and the federal delegation representing the Pee Dee for the Morning News.

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