Pee Dee Area School Report Cards

FLORENCE, S.C — Nearly 80 percent of Pee Dee-area schools improved their ratings on school report cards this year.

The report cards, which were released by the South Carolina Department of Education this month, rate schools based on national and state standardized test scores, student growth, graduation rate and student engagement, among other factors.

Schools are rated on a 100-point scale and then given one of five ratings: excellent, good, average, below average or unsatisfactory, according to the South Carolina Department of Education.

Florence County School District Two

Hannah-Pamplico schools received average ratings this year and saw increases in their numerical scores.

Hannah-Pamplico Elementary Middle School in the middle school ratings saw an 18-point increase from the 2017-18 school year to the 2018-19 school year. The middle ratings also rose to an average rating this year from below average in 2017-18.

Hannah-Pamplico Elementary Middle School in the elementary ratings increased by 5 points, raising its rating from below average to average.

Florence County School District ThreeFlorence School District Three received a mix of average, good and below average ratings, according to school report cards. The district had all but one school increase in score.

Four out of the district’s seven schools rose one rating level, and one of the schools rose two rating levels.

Ronald E. McNair Junior High School rose 25 points from 19 to 34, which boosted the school’s rating from unsatisfactory to below average.

J.C. Lynch Elementary School improved two rating positions from unsatisfactory to average and increased its score by 13 points.

Florence County School District FourFlorence School District Four had one school receive a good rating, one school receive a below average rating and one school receive an unsatisfactory rating, according to report cards.

Johnson Middle School received a good rating with a score of 50. The school saw a 12-point increase from the 2017-18 year to 2018-19 year.

Brockington Elementary dropped to an unsatisfactory rating with a score of 32.

Timmonsville High School ranked below average this year with a score of 49, which is five points higher than last year.

Florence County School District FiveFlorence School District Five had two schools receive a good rating and one school receive a below average rating, according to report cards.

Johnsonville High School had a good rating with a score of 63. The school has the highest score of all high schools in Florence County.

Johnsonville Middle School dropped one point this year but maintained its good rating.

Johnsonville Elementary School maintained the same score of 41 and a rating of below average from 2017-18 to 2018-19.

Florence One SchoolsAs reported Sunday in the Morning News, Florence One Schools saw improvement in all schools but one, according to school report cards.

This year, 10 of Florence One’s 21 schools moved from below average or unsatisfactory to good or higher.

Henry Timrod Elementary School and Southside Middle School saw the largest point increases in the district.

Henry Timrod Elementary increased its average from below average to excellent, raising its score from 37 during the 2017-18 school year to 63 during the 2018-19 school year.

Southside Middle rose from 16 during the 2017-18 school year to 53 during the 2018-19 school year, a 37-point increase. The school rose from an unsatisfactory to good rating. Southside Middle also was the highest rated middle school in Florence County, according to points.

Darlington County School DistrictDarlington County schools received ratings ranging from unsatisfactory all the way to excellent.

Lamar High School and Mayo High School for Math, Science and Technology both received excellent ratings with respective scores of 73 and 86.

Spaulding Middle School received a rating of excellent with a score of 70.

The district had two schools increase their ratings from below average to good: North Hartsville Elementary and West Hartsville Elementary.

Governor’s School for Science and MathThe Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics in Hartsville maintained its excellent rating and increased four points from 93 to 97.

Marion County School DistrictPalmetto Middle School and Mullins High School were rated average this year with respective scores of 45 and 55.

Other than the schools rated average, the district had five schools ranked below average, and two ranked unsatisfactory.

Two schools improved their scores. Mullins High School rose from below average to average with a 5-point increase, and Johnakin Middle School received the same rating of below average but increased by five points this year.

Williamsburg County School District (Hemingway)Hemingway M.B. Lee Middle School received a rating of good this year. The school increased by six points.

Hemingway Elementary School dropped from below average to unsatisfactory, and Hemingway High School dropped two points while maintaining its below average rating.

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