HEMINGWAY, S.C. – Dale Johnson and Veronica Elliott presented a $9,000 check Thursday evening to Hemingway Mayor John Michael Collins and Police Chief Bryan Todd for the police department. The money comes from proceeds raised during a fundraiser earlier this year.

Johnson said the idea to raise money for the police department started years ago so the department would have funds to buy non-budgeted items. The first dinner fundraiser was held this February, and Johnson said he was overwhelmed by the results of the sales. He served as the cook for the fundraiser.

“We were overwhelmed, really, by what happened and by what took place,” Johnson said. “I think we’ve done extraordinarily well.”

Elliott was the chairwoman of the fundraiser, Johnson said, and she gathered other people to help with the efforts. Each dollar raised was donated to the Hemingway Police Department, he said.

“I think we learned a lot from the mistakes that were made, and I said all along if we didn’t sell one plate or if we sold 10,000 plates, I thought it was going to be an annual event,” Johnson said. “And I still stick to that, the third Friday of every February.”

Elliott said she volunteered to help with the fundraiser because the town of Hemingway is wonderful.

“We’ve got to support them (the police department)," Elliott said. "We’ve got to do more than just ‘hey, how you doing,’ or a cake here or whatever.”

She initially set a goal of $5,000 for the fundraiser and did not think that would be done.

“Boy was I shocked on Feb. 22,” Elliott said.

Next year, Elliott said she won’t even set a goal.

Big contributors such as Anderson Brothers Bank and Tupperware assisted with the efforts, plus local businesses, she said. Williamsburg County Sheriff Stephen R. Gardner attended.

“It was our local people that amazed me, and I was so glad of that,” Elliott said.

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