EFFINGHAM, S.C. — Florence County Emergency Management leaders are calling for residents along Lynches River and Black Creek to be alert for flooding into Wednesday and the remainder of the week.

Both streams are forecast to crest above flood stage Wednesday afternoon before returning to their banks later in the week.

"According to the National Weather Service Black Creek is currently at a stage of 12.52 feet. The creek is forecast to remain above 12 feet through Wednesday when it will crest at 12.7 feet," Kristy Burch with Florence County Emergency Management Division said in a media advisory.

"Lynches River is currently at 15 feet and is expected to remain above flood stage and crest at 17.1 feet on Wednesday afternoon. It will then begin a slow fall until Friday afternoon when it should below flood stage of 14 feet," Burch wrote.

At 15.5 feet floodwaters on Lynches River will affect portions of North Old Georgetown, Roundtree and Ben Gause roads near Effingham and New Hope and they will be impassable in places.

At 16.5 feet, floodwaters may enter some homes along Roundtree Road and several homes will be isolated along North Old Georgetown, Roundtree and Ben Gause roads near Effingham and New Hope, Burch wrote, citing National Weather Service hydrological information.

As the water moves downstream Half Moon Landing and The Neck should experience flooding later in the week, Burch said.

"We strongly encourage citizens who live along these two waterways to monitor river levels very closely. If at any time citizens feel they are unsafe, they are asked to leave their homes and go to a family member's or friend’s home," Burch wrote.

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