Dillon Inland Port

A cargo container is lowered onto a tractor-trailer at the Dillon Inland Port.

DILLON, S.C. – Dillon County is the only county within the six-county Pee Dee region to exceed the level of GDP growth statewide. 

According to a report issued by the Bureau of Economic Analysis that calculates GDP by county across the United States, Dillon's GDP rose by 10.33% from 2015-2018. In 2015, Dillon County had a GDP of $689 million. By 2018, that figure had risen to $760 million. 

Statewide, the growth of GDP has been 9.11% from 2015-2018. South Carolina's GDP has risen from $189.9 billion to $207.2 billion. 

GDP, gross domestic product, is a calculation of all economic activity in an area during a specific period of time. In this case, GDP is calculated for a county for one year. 

Dillon is the 17th ranked county in the state in terms of GDP growth from 2015-2018. 

Lancaster County is the leader in GDP growth, having risen by 39.74% from $2.51 billion in 2015 to $3.502 billion in 2018. Newberry (16.76%), Allendale (16.61%), Cherokee (16.51) and Lee (16.41%) round out the top five. 

In the Pee Dee, Florence County's GDP rose 7.9% from $6.253 billion in 2015 to $6.747 billion in 2018. This makes Florence the 21st fasting-growing county in the state. 

Marion County's GDP rose by 5.23% from 2015-2018, increasing from $500 million to $527 million. It is the 29th fastest-growing county in the state. 

Williamsburg (4.42% and $699 million to $729 million) and Marlboro (3.65% and $694 million to $720 million) are the 34th and 37th fastest growth counties.

Darlington was one of three counties to experience a decrease in GDP from 2015-2018. Darlington decreased from $2.276 billion to $2.273 billion, a decrease of 0.164%. 

The other two counties to experience decreases were Georgetown (-1.598%) and Fairfield (-21.098%). 

In terms of overall size, Florence County ($6.747 billion) has the largest GDP in the Pee Dee and is ranked 9th statewide. Darlington (2.273 billion) comes in at 21st, Dillon ($760 million) at 31st, Williamsburg ($730 million) at 33rd, Marlboro ($720 billion) at 34th and Marion ($527 million) at 40th.

The top five are Charleston ($27.581 billion), Greenville ($27.449 billion), Richland ($23.33 billion), Spartanburg ($13.481 billion) and Horry ($11.206 billion). 

McCormick has the smallest county GDP at $190 million. 

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I cover the city of Florence, the county of Florence, the state legislative delegation of Florence County and surrounding areas, and the federal delegation representing the Pee Dee for the Morning News.

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