Florence One Schools Board of Trustees

The Florence One Schools Board of Trustees discuss meeting dates at the Oct. 10 meeting.

FLORENCE, S.C. — The Florence One Schools Board of Trustees on Thursday approved raises for nurses across the district.

The raises will vary from nurse to nurse, based on years of experience.

Superintendent Richard O’Malley said that in the past all nurses were paid the same amount regardless of how many years of experience they had. If someone came in with 14 years of experience, O’Malley said, the person was paid on a level of zero years of experience.

“It’s a crime that somebody with 20 years of experience as a nurse could come to the school district and make that,” O’Malley said.

The raises will go into effect in Dec. 1, O’Malley said. The raise for nurses is in addition to the five percent raise to all district employees that started in August, he said. The salary guide is capped at 30 years of experience, O’Malley said.

The board also approved the leasing of Evolv Express technology for gun and bomb detection at the three high schools.

According to a presentation Douglas Nunnally, director of security and school safety, gave the board on Oct. 3, the detection technology can screen 3,600 people per hour. The machines will allow students to not have to stop and have their bags searched or empty their pockets.

Nunnally said the technology will cost a total of $864,000 over four years.

Before the vote board member E.J. McIver voiced his concern about the price of the technology and the contract.

McIver said he wanted to make sure the district was getting the “best bang for [its] buck” and the district found the best technology for the most reasonable price.

Board member Bryan Chapman said he was excited to have cutting-edge technology that will allow more students to get into the schools more quickly.

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