LAKE CITY, S.C. – The city of Lake City is considering extending a waterline to serve residents living on Daniels and Colin Roads. The first reading of an ordinance for the extension was passed at a city council meeting Tuesday evening.

Lake City Mayor Lovith Anderson Jr. said Daniels and Colin Roads are outside the city limits, but there is a need for a waterline in that area.

“What happened in the area out there, their wells are running dry,” Anderson said. “We had two families out there that were hauling water. They get big barrels and go get water, so they’ll have water for home.”

Residents of the area approached the City of Lake City and Florence County about the issue. Anderson said Florence County Councilman Jason Springs was instrumental in helping get funding to be able to extend a waterline to serve residents living on Daniels and Colin Roads. It is a joint project.

The ordinance will need to pass two readings to go into effect. If the second reading is passed by the city council, the Lake City Public Works Department will be authorized to extend a waterline in an amount not to exceed $12,000.

In other business, the city council passed a resolution Tuesday to authorize the purchase of two vehicles for the police department. The resolution authorizes a purchase not to exceed $72,000. Both vehicles will be purchased consistent with the allowable use of federal forfeiture funds and will not require any city funds, the resolution states.

An amendment of the city’s fiscal year 2020 budget ordinance will authorize the city administrator to negotiate and enter into a lease-purchase agreement with Enterprise Fleet Management for three police patrol vehicles for an amount not to exceed the $29,000 currently appropriated in the budget. The city council passed the first reading of an ordinance Tuesday for the amendment. It would also allow the city administrator to establish and set up an internal service fund especially for the purpose of accounting for city capital replacement.

The final reading of the following ordinances was passed by the council Tuesday:

>> An ordinance authorizing the City of Lake City Police Department to enter into a Law Enforcement Assistance and Support Agreement with the Olanta Police Department.

>> An ordinance to authorize a grant of not to exceed $12,000 to the Lake City Development Corporation in order to allow for the dissolution of the corporation.

>> An ordinance authorizing the city to extend a four-month temporary professional services agreement between the City of Lake City and SAFEbuilt, Carolinas, LLC, by six months to Dec. 2019.

>> An ordinance authorizing the city to transition the part-time municipal court judge position into one full-time position. Judge Gilleon Frierson is the full-time municipal judge.

The city’s public works employees and recreation volunteers were recognized at Tuesday’s meeting for their service.

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