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FLORENCE, S.C. – Florence One Schools and former West Florence High School interim Principal Kelvin Wymbs have denied any wrongdoing in their response to a suit brought by former West Florence athletic director and football coach Trey Woodberry.

In an answer filed Aug. 29, Florence One and Wymbs deny that Woodberry was subjected to any unlawful action by the defendants. They also deny that Woodberry’s allegations support any of his claims against the district and Wymbs.

Woodberry sued the district and Wymbs on July 1, according to records of the South Carolina Judicial Department. He sued the district for defamation and Wymbs for civil conspiracy.

In regard to the allegation of defamation, the district denies the allegations made by Woodberry and demands strict proof thereof. Other defenses offered by the district in regard to the defamation allegation are absolute or qualified privilege, truth, lack of malice and lack of publication.

Woodberry alleged that Wymbs, acting as an agent of the district, implied that Woodberry was incompetent in his job and that he engaged in unprofessional conduct.

In regard to the allegation of civil conspiracy, Wymbs denies the allegations made by Woodberry and demands strict proof thereof.

Woodberry alleged that Wymbs conspired with others with the explicit purpose of harming Woodberry by forcing him to carry out a scheme to fire the volleyball coach and the basketball coach before targeting Woodberry in an effort to remove him as football coach.

The district and Wymbs also offered 11 defenses in their answer, including that Woodberry fails to state a claim on which relief can be granted, that Woodberry can’t establish the elements of his claims, that Woodberry is barred from recovery by the South Carolina Tort Claims Act, that Woodberry can’t demonstrate any damages, that Woodberry can’t show special damages relating to the allegation of civil conspiracy, that the civil conspiracy claim is barred by the intracorporate conspiracy doctrine, that Woodberry has failed to mitigate his damages and that punitive damages are barred by the Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments and the South Carolina Tort Claims Act.

The district and Wymbs end their answer by asking that Woodberry’s requests for relief sought be denied, that his claims be dismissed with prejudice and that they be awarded costs and attorney’s fees.

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