FLORENCE, S.C. -- Ruiz 4 Kids will open the application process for the Mini-Grants for Teachers Program for the 2019-2020 school year on-line at ruiz4kids.org on Sept. 16. The deadline to submit an application must be postmarked Nov. 8.

“Teachers are the most important investment a parent can make for their child,” said Krista Meekins, Ruiz 4 Kids Mini-Grants for 2019-2020 South Carolina Chairman. “And, unfortunately, some classrooms have a difficult time even providing teachers with the basic needs to engage students and show them what they can accomplish. We’re pleased to be able to offer a program where teachers can get some assistance … whether it’s for basic needs or a creative project.”

The grant is open to teachers in grades K-12 serving public schools within a 50-mile radius of Florence. Grants will be awarded up to $1,000. To align with the objectives of the Ruiz 4 Kids organization, teachers interested in submitting a grant are reminded to ensure their intended projects are for basic classroom needs or creative projects that will enhance their students learning experience. Grant recipients are also expected to report on the expenditure of grant funds and results of the supported project at the end of the funded school year.

The Mini-Grants for Teachers Program is funded solely by Ruiz Foods employee donations. Ruiz 4 Kids does not use any of the donated money for administrative or other costs.

In other words, all funds donated to this program by Ruiz employees go directly to the Mini-Grants Program. In 2018 Ruiz 4 Kids awarded $98,686 to teachers in California, Texas and South Carolina. More than $19,000 was awarded to teachers in South Carolina.

For additional information on grant criteria which includes Funding Priorities and how to apply visit, http://www.ruiz4kids.org/mini-grants/.

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