All Saints’ Wall of Fame

All Saints' Episcopal Day School honors six teachers on Nov. 12 during the Wall of Fame dedication.

FLORENCE, S.C. — All Saints’ Episcopal Day School honored six teachers on Nov. 12 for their service to the school.

Their names were placed on the school’s new Wall of Fame.

For a teacher to be placed on the Wall of Fame, he or she must work at the school for 25 or more years, said Hood Temple, chairman of the All Saints’ Episcopal Day School board of trustees.

Ann Mullins, Blair Cooper, Carol Allen, Claire Copeland, Faith McMillan and Nancy Moore were the first group of teachers to be honored on the Wall of Fame.

All Saints’ Wall of Fame

All Saints' Episcopal Day School honors six teachers on Nov. 12 for their service to the school.

“We have to honor them and celebrate that because you come into teaching because you’re passionate about it, and you want to make a difference,” Temple said. “You want to change the trajectory of some boy or girl’s future and inspire them to be greater than they ever thought they could be.”

Temple said the teachers at All Saints’ have changed the lives of his children without a doubt.

“These teachers care and they love, and they nurture these children as though they were their own,” Temple said.

The Wall of Fame has each of the teachers’ photos framed with a brief biography. Underneath the photos is part of the schools’ mission statement.

One of the honorees, Ann Mullins spent 40 years teaching first grade at All Saints’ Episcopal Day School.

All Saints' Wall of Fame

Faith McMillan, Claire Copeland, Nancy Moore and Blair Cooper are four of the six teachers recognized on the All Saints' Episcopal Day School Wall of Fame.

“All Saints’ is like a family, and to be recognized for something that you enjoyed doing for so many years, it’s just an honor and a pleasure,” Mullins said.

Mullins said it has been wonderful to see her students around town growing up over the years. She also said the supportive parents and faculty have made All Saints’ a wonderful place to have spent her career.

Nancy Moore, another honoree, started teaching at All Saints’ as a long-term substitute teacher halfway through the year, but after finishing the school year, Moore was hired to teach first grade at the school.

Moore had just moved to Florence from Atlanta when she started at All Saints’. She said she was not planning on working that first year, but after substitute teaching at All Saints’ she felt like it was the place for her.

“I got here, and I met my first friends because I had just moved to Florence from a big town,” Moore said. “I met so many people and so many wonderful parents, and I just became attached. I thought this was the place for me so I never left.”

Moore taught at All Saints’ for 24 years as a full-time teacher and one semester as a long-term substitute teacher.

“It’s so wonderful to live and teach somewhere long enough where you see your children go through school, you see them get in college and you see their accomplishments.” Moore said. “You can’t replace that. No amount of money can replace that.”

Temple was sitting in chapel at All Saints’ one day when he came up with the idea for the Wall of Fame, he said.

Teachers were being recognized for their service to the school, and Hood said he just had to do something to honor and celebrate them. So, Hood brought the idea to life. His family funded the board and the faculty and staff helped come up with the biography for each teacher.

“I’m just honored to have been a part of it and to celebrate these teachers that we love so much,” Temple said. “All Saints’ is the best investment I’ve ever made.”

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