Spring, Lent and the coronavirus

Let’s see now: St. Patrick’s Day parades canceled, Opening Day delayed, NCAA basketball shut down, The Heritage called off, and, say-it-ain’t-so, even The Masters postponed. What the heck, they might as well have canceled spring!

But, then, it is also Lent, a time of austerity and reflection; and, curiously, the depressing state of affairs surrounding the coronavirus seems to be mirroring that holy season. People will be staying home, celebrations will be muted and consumption will be greatly reduced. Lots to reflect on, too, as we do an inventory of our lives.

But don’t give up hope. Indeed, have faith that the worst of the coronavirus will be past us by Easter. Lent will also be over, and this Easter could be very special, as we come out of hibernation, emerge from our fears and rejoice in our own rising along with the Risen Lord.


Hilton Head