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Jacob Smith, Christopher Sims, Evan Pederson and William Lunn sign to work with Day & Zimmerman after the completion of a welding program at Florence-Darlington Technical College.

FLORENCE, S.C. – Florence-Darlington Technical College hosted a signing ceremony Monday for four incoming pipe welding students who will work at Day & Zimmerman after completing their coursework.

William Lunn, Jacob Smith, Christopher Sims and Evan Pederson, who all graduated from Hartsville High School this spring, signed a letter of intent to work with Day & Zimmerman, an international company that specializes in construction, engineering, operations, maintenance, staffing, security and defense.

All four students took part in the welding technology program at the Darlington County Institute of Technology while in high school.

Lunn said his time in the welding program in high school helped him make the decision to take part in the program. He said he took three years of welding and fabrication while in high school.

“Ever since then, I’ve wanted to weld,” Lunn said. “I saw this and thought this was my opportunity to get into it.”

Lunn said it’s awesome to know he has a job waiting for him after finishing the program.

Three of the students will enroll in the FDTC Corporate and Workforce Development welding program and earn a certificate. One of the students will enroll in the academic welding program and earn an associate’s degree and a certificate. The three students taking part in the corporate and workforce development welding program will be funded through grants from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

David Brown, the senior director of recruiting at Day & Zimmerman, said there are multiple worksites across the country. Upon completion of the program, students will work where they are needed, he said.

Brown said welding is an honorable, needed profession.

“There’s a tremendous shortage throughout the country of welders,” Brown said. “That’s one of the biggest reasons it’s a need. You can’t find enough of them.”

Marc David, vice president of academic affairs at FDTC, said holding the signing ceremony brings attention to opportunities available to high school students after graduation.

“We have so many jobs that go unfilled,” David said. “We can’t train people fast enough, so I think we are looking at dual enrollment opportunities, getting them ready to take on these jobs.”

For more information about the welding program at FDTC, email Welding Director Jamie King at Jamie.King@fdtc.edu, or call 843-661-8330.

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