FLORENCE, S.C. – Students from across Florence One Schools practiced, learned and performed music during the annual District One’s Musically Exceptional camp.

The DOME camp, which is in its 30th year, ran from June 10 to June 13 and finished with a concert that showcased all of what the students learned during the workshop for parents and guests.

“It’s almost a school day; it’s like 8:30-1,” said Laura Greenway, the Florence One Schools performing arts coordinator. “So the entire camp time is intense music study. It’s music theory, music performance or being introduced to piano, being introduced to guitar.”

During the camp students picked majors to concentrate in, such as orchestra, piano, guitar, chorus and band. The students work with a teacher each day working on their specific major.

The students also chose two electives where they could study something outside their major, such as iPad music composition, piano, guitar and African drumming.

Southside Middle School eighth-grader Sary Jackson, who was recently accepted into the DOME program, said the camp allowed her to feel more comfortable with beginning the program in the fall.

“It was fun and we got to learn a lot and learn new skills that you didn’t even know that you knew somewhat,” Sary said.

Sary majored in chorus during the camp and studied guitar and piano as her two electives during the camp.

The camp also gives students an opportunity to use technology to compose music and dabble with new instruments, Greenway said.

As a part of one of the electives, students composed and recorded pieces on iPads, which they could save on their Google Drive to access later. Student compositions played while guests entered the Southside Middle media center for the concert.

The students also had the opportunity to be exposed to African drumming as one elective, which is something students don’t always have the opportunity to learn in middle or high school, Greenway said.

“We are just providing them other musical opportunities that they otherwise wouldn’t get,” Greenway said.

Greenway said the teachers help make the camp successful each year.

“To give their time a week after school gets out, they’re tired so I really appreciate the teachers giving their time to me and working with these kids,” Greenway said.

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