PAMPLICO, S.C. – Help 4 Kids Florence is a great organization that reaches out to schools to assist families in need.

The organization gets a total of the students that need food during the week and prepackages bags of food for the students to take home every Friday. The bags contain nonperishable food items that can be used for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It being my first full year working in the guidance department, I have seen just how many students need food on a weekly basis. The need is strong. That’s why we are extremely thankful for the Help 4 Kids organization.

Our students look forward to getting these bags on Friday, and some even ask for two. Many students have said that it fills their pantries up and gives them something hot and filling to eat.

Some students have said that their families are behind on bills and often don’t have enough food for the entire family to be full. This is where the Help 4 Kids bags make such a big impact. These students, and their families, are often reliant on these bags.

The bags also allow the students to feel confident that they have food at home and keep them from being embarrassed at school. One student even said that her family occasionally gives some of the food to other people in need. The giving extends beyond the Help 4 Kids organization.

Help 4 Kids has changed the lives of the families it serves. There are many students who rely on the bags and are so excited when Friday comes.

Help 4 Kids also makes sure that the students are prepared for the multiple breaks during the school year. The students often get two bags during Thanksgiving, Christmas and other extended breaks.

Again, we are thankful for the Help 4 Kids organization and what they do to make sure that our students are fed. Being full gives the students one less thing to worry about and allows their performance in school to sharpen.

Julie Willis is a career development facilitator at Hannah-Pamplico Elementary/Middle School.

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