FLORENCE, S.C. – Addie’s Baby Paint & Wine Studio in Florence will soon offer DIY (do it yourself) canvases for customers.

Winter Moore, owner of Addie’s Baby Paint & Wine Studio, said the 11-by-14 canvases will be preprinted with all-inclusive art designs.

“People can buy them. They can take these (preprinted canvases), use them at home,” Moore said. “They can have their own paint parties. And we’re also going to offer these at wholesale prices, too. So let’s say somebody wants to have them in the store, craft store, they’ll be available for that, too.”

Moore said the canvases will include designs that will be inclusive for everyone: men and women and all races.

“We’re doing all-inclusive art, paintings that customers can buy that looks like them,” Moore said.

Addie’s Baby Paint & Wine Studio will offer designs that people can paint and actually want to hang up in their houses, Moore said. The canvas art will be a reflection of the person doing to the painting.

The paint and wine studio, located on West Evans Street, is known for its public paint classes and trap and paint classes. Moore said when classes would sell out, or customers were not available to attend a class on a specific day, some would ask to purchase the materials to complete the art piece at home. And she has sold the canvases and supplies to students in the past.

But now everyone will be able to purchase preprinted canvases. Moore said the presale price is $9.97 per canvas. Prices will increase following a launch party in August. Wholesale prices are also available. Different designs will be available for customers, including the popular Diamond Grillz and Glitter Diva designs.

Canvases can be preordered at addiesbabystudio.com.

Moore said some of her customers are experienced to the point that they do not need her to teach them anymore. So the preprinted canvases would be a more affordable option for them.

“People who preorder these canvases, if they do decide to do a DIY, we’re offering free Facebook Live lessons,” Moore said. “So they could either Skype me or they could do a Facebook Live.”

Moore hopes to also be able to have the preprinted canvases sold at craft stores and places that sell wine.

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