FLORENCE, S.C. – A new pharmacy has come to Florence. Well Center Pharmacy is at 605 S. Irby Street and is owned by the husband and wife team of Marlon and Marelle Orias. Both are pharmacists.

The Orias previously worked for Rite Aid. Marelle managed the Darlington Rite Aid pharmacy for 11 years while Marlon worked at the Florence store. When Rite Aid closed both stores last June they were both without a job, Marelle said.

Two and half years ago, she said, they had a baby girl with Down syndrome.

The couple had a hard time working their schedules out for chain stores while taking care of their daughter. Working for themselves has proven to be a better option.

“It was hard,” Marelle said. “We tried to work out opposite schedules.”

She said she tried another chain, but it became increasingly difficult.

“It was hard to choose, but we needed to do what was best for the family,” she said. “We prayed for guidance.”

She said things started to fall into place. They were offered this location at a reasonable price, she said.

On June 3, they had a “blessing of the pharmacy, a dedication,” she said.

Well Center opened to customers on June 5. The Orias are assisted by an intern from MUSC.

During the time the couple were preparing to open the pharmacy, Marelle said, they were teaching senior care, diabetes care and hypertension care to seniors.

She is nationally certified in siabetes medication therapy management.

“We like to teach,” she said.

They will be offering training at the pharmacy. Customers will have the opportunity to participate in the Medication Therapy Management (MTM) & Lifestyle Coaching Program, a health management program sponsored by the South Carolina Pharmacy Association, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control.

Marelle said she is certified in opioid teaching.

The pharmacy offers immunizations and will offer delivery options for the elderly.

For those with pre-diabetes, she said, they will recommend changes in diet such as following the DASH Diet.

“We also love natural products,” she said.

And she recommends air-purifying plants.

For more information, call 843-799-5054.

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