DARLINGTON, S.C. — Trey Calcutt had no idea his passion for cooking barbecue would turn into a full-time business in his hometown.

Calcutt, owner of Fahrenheit 225 at 26 Public Square in Darlington, held a grand opening for the new restaurant on Tuesday.

Calcutt said he started competing in South Carolina Barbeque Association tournaments around seven years ago and has loved it ever since.

“It was something that I enjoyed. We found a recipe that worked and just went with it,” Calcutt said.

Now Calcutt, alongside his wife Beth, family and friends, hopes Fahrenheit 225 can become a mainstay in downtown Darlington.

“There’s one other barbecue restaurant here in Darlington,” Calcutt said. “I wanted to pick an area that didn’t have something like this and offer food and an atmosphere that people enjoy.”

Fahrenheit 225 offers several meats including pulled pork, brisket, spare ribs and chicken, all served with a choice of two sides. The restaurant also has several different sandwiches including barbecue, brisket grilled cheese, a kickin’ chicken sandwich, and chicken salad.

One of the specials for the restaurant is “The Platter,” which feeds four people, and includes a full-rack of ribs, your choice of another meat and three sides.

“Right now, it’s hard getting used to swing of things,” Calcutt said. “We’re really enjoying the ride through this process.”

Fahrenheit 225 is open Tuesday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for lunch and then from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. for dinner.

“It’s some of the best barbecue you’ll try,” Calcutt said. “We’ve pretty much gone by word of mouth and we’re hoping that it will spread out and become somewhere that people really enjoy coming on the weeknights to get some great food and drinks.”

For more information, follow Fahrenheit 225 on Facebook or contact the restaurant at 843-944-0321.

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