DARLINGTON, S.C. — The Darlington County Board of Education voted to approve the mascots for two of the new elementary schools in the county: Bay Road Elementary School and Lamar-Spaulding Elementary School.

The mascot for both Bay Road and Lamar-Spaulding Elementary Schools will be the Fox.

The mascots were chosen exclusively by students through an electronic survey that all students were given.

For Bay Road Elementary School, the Bear and the Wolf tied for second, followed by the Eagle and then the Phoenix. For Lamar-Spaulding Elementary School, the Tiger came in second, the Panther came in third and the Bear came in fourth.

The two schools are newly built schools that will open for students in August. Both schools are replacing two aging elementary schools in its community.

Bay Road Elementary School will be composed of students from Washington Street and West Hartsville elementary schools in Hartsville. Lamar-Spaulding Elementary School will consolidate Lamar and Spaulding elementary schools.

The Darlington County Board of Education also approved an agreement with the Pee Dee Education Center and Project Share.

The agreement is a pass-through agreement for Project Share employees that will put the Darlington County School District in charge of payroll and benefits for those employees.

Project Share, which stands for serving handicapped through associated regional efforts, is a program that seeks to provide appropriate education and related services to low-incidence disabled students, especially in small and rural school districts. The project is hosted by the Pee Dee Education Center.

The board approved the annexation of the district’s new Bay Road property to Hartsville.

By annexing the property to the city, the district will be served by Hartsville’s water and sewage as well as by the city’s police department for the school resource officer.

Superintendent Tim Newman said by doing this, the district will receive a better rate for sewage.

All of the buildings, except for West Hartsville Elementary, have been annexed in, Newman said.

The next board meeting will take place at 6 p.m. on July 13.

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