Bay Road Elementary School

This is an aerial view of the new elementary school under construction for Hartsville. The new school will be named Bay Road Elementary School.

DARLINGTON, S.C. — Hartsville’s new elementary school will be named Bay Road Elementary School, and the new school in Lamar will be called Lamar-Spaulding Elementary School.

The Darlington County Board of Education approved both names without opposition or debate during its regular meeting Monday.

Darlington County School District Superintendent Tim Newman recommended both names for approval based on recommendations from special naming committees from each community.

The committee recommendations were based on the results of public surveys in which members of each community were invited to suggest and vote on possible names for each school.

The two names recommended and approved were the top vote-getters in each community survey.

Three new district elementary schools are currently under construction in Darlington County and scheduled to open with the start of the new school year in August.

Darlington County voters approved construction of the three schools in a $60 million bond referendum in 2016. Construction of the new schools is being funded through a one-cent county-wide sales tax approved in the referendum.

In addition to the schools in Hartsville and Lamar, a new elementary school is also being built in Darlington. Last year the board approved its name as J.L. Cain Elementary School.

Each of the three schools will replace two aging elementary schools in each community. In Hartsville, Washington Street and West Hartsville elementary schools will be consolidated in the new school, which will be named for its location on Bay Road off of S.C. 151.

The new Lamar school will consolidate Lamar and Spaulding elementary schools, taking a name that combines the names of the two existing schools.

In Darlington, the new school will take the name of one of the old schools it is replacing. The existing J.L. Cain Elementary and Brunson-Dargan Elementary will be consolidated in that school. District officials followed the same committee and survey process in naming the Darlington school.

Each of the six schools being replaced is more than 50 years old. District officials say aging schools present challenges in maintenance, security measures and the ability to handle current and future technology needs.

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