Creek Bridge’s final class graduates

Creek Bridge High School graduated its final class Thursday night with 34 students marching on June 6, 2019.

CENTENARY, S.C. – Creek Bridge High School graduated its final class Thursday night with 34 students marching.

Students at Creek Bridge will transition to Mullins High School for the upcoming 2019-20 school year as part of a reconfiguration plan. Creek Bridge will be an elementary middle school with a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)-centered curriculum.

Principal Darryl Woodberry served more than six years at the school, five of them as administrator. For the graduate of Brittons Neck High School, the moment was bittersweet.

“This final class was a remarkable class,” he said. “It’s a class full of potential, and they excelled beyond expectations.”

Woodberry said the class received more than $80,000 in scholarships with more to come.

“I’m proud of this class, and they left a legacy as the final graduation class at Creek Bridge High School,” he said.

Woodberry said it’s no place like home working at Creek Bridge.

“Being able to give back to my community and share my experience just to let them know that someone came from this community and come back and achieve giving back,” he said. “All of my teachers left a mark on my life, and I wanted to have the honor of doing the same thing for my students here at Creek Bridge.”

Valedictorian Skylar McCummings said she was happy to represent her class.

“It felt good,” she said. “I really earned it.”

McCummings said she is going to miss her class and that it’s emotional being part of the final class.

“I’ve been here since sixth grade, and seeing the students move on, it hurts,” she said. “It will feel good seeing my little brother here walking the same halls.”

McCummings plans to attend Coastal Carolina University to study psychology.

Awards were also given. Shalom Woodberry received the Warrior Award while Brandon Hellom was presented the Citizenship Award.

Darryl Woodberry thanked his students for their commitment.

“Always remember to keep your priorities in order,” he said.