Seeing double: Identical twins work in pediatrics at CareSouth Carolina

Identical twins Heather and Lauren Worsham work as nurse practitioners in pediatrics for CareSouth Carolina.

HARTSVILLE, S.C. – They even wear the same Minnie Mouse pin on their lab coats.

I dentical twins Heather and Lauren Worsham both serve as nurse practitioners in pediatrics at CareSouth Carolina.

Heather works at the Hartsville site; Lauren works at the Bennettsville site. They say they didn’t discuss choosing the same profession, but rather it just happened naturally.

“We’ve always had a lot of the same interests and likes,” Heather said. “We both worked with kids growing up, and we both came to the decision that we wanted to be in health care.”

Though the two traveled around the country as children – living in Georgia, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Texas – they ultimately call the Pee Dee home, moving to Cheraw around middle school and growing up in the area.

Both Heather and Lauren attended the College of Charleston before completing their Bachelor of Science degrees in Nursing as well as their Masters of Science degrees in Nursing at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC).

Initially, Heather was in the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner program and Lauren was in the Neonatal Nurse Practitioner program, but after clinical work, Lauren decided to transfer to pediatrics.

“I fell in love with pediatrics and decided to go that route,” Lauren said. “Kids are great. Even when they’re sick, they still want to play and are always looking on the bright side. That positivity and hopefulness is fun to be around.”

Heather said she hopes to make a difference by working in pediatrics.

“They’re resilient, they say the funniest things and they do the funniest things,” Heather said. “One of the great things about working with kids is that you can work on prevention. If we can teach them healthy habits and help them understand the importance of taking care of themselves, we can prevent a lot of those health issues that are currently affecting society today.”

Lauren was the first of the two twins to work at CareSouth Carolina. After about a year in the Bennettsville Pediatric office, an opening became available in the Hartsville Pediatric office, and she encouraged her sister to apply.

“I love the people that I work with, and I love the emphasis we put on being a part of the community,” Lauren said. “So, when there became an opportunity, I told her about it, and she got it.”

The twins said friends and patients sometimes confuse them for one another, but despite being identical, they’ve never participated in a "Parent Trap"-type of scheme.

“At least once a week, we have to explain that we’re twins,” Lauren said. “I'll come to her [Heather’s] office and people will look confused and ask, ‘Didn’t I just see you?’ as I’m walking in. Sometimes, I’ll see someone in the supermarket and they’ll come up and say, ‘Hey, Ms. Heather,’ and I just go along with it, or vice versa. But, as far as schoolwork or trading places for fun, we never did that.”

Outside of work, Lauren and Heather like to spend time with their family and travel. Their favorite place to go is Walt Disney World. In addition to traveling, the twins enjoy baking together.

At CareSouth Carolina, both Lauren and Heather said they enjoy working for an organization that is community-oriented.

“I like that we’ll see anyone,” Lauren said. “A lot of our kids in Bennettsville don’t necessarily have much access to health care, so it’s nice to see how we can provide for them. We offer a wide array of services, and it’s great to work for an organization that is constantly looking for way to be involved in the community.”

“Everyone that works here loves their patients and wants to make sure that they get the best quality care possible,” Heather said. “We have so many great things that we offer for the community. In pediatrics, we’re a part of a program called ‘Reach Out and Read.’ A lot of times, the only books a kid will get is when they come for their wellness visit. So, in addition to giving them health care, we get to tell them how important that is, as well. Literacy is so important for when they go to school and as they grow up, so it’s great to have that program and to see their faces light up when they receive a little book.”

To make an appointment with Heather at the Hartsville pediatric office, call 843-332-0118. To make an appointment with Lauren at the Bennettsville pediatric office, call 843-479-1200.

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