Darlington County Council

Darlington County Administrator Charles Stewart speaks at Monday's meeting.

DARLINGTON, S.C. – The Darlington County Council took the final step toward securing more than $4.36 million in grant funds to rehabilitate the runway at Darlington County Jetport.

At a county council meeting meeting on Monday, the council voted unanimously to approve Ordinance No. 19-20, which amends the Darlington County Budget ordinance for fiscal year 2019-20 to provide an additional appropriation to the airport in the amount of $229,456. The additional appropriate allows the county to receive $4.13 million in federal grants and an additional $229,455 from the state for the rehabilitation of Runway 5-23 at the airport.

In airport nomenclature, the numbers of runways, in this case 5-23, refer to the magnetic heading to land on them. In this case, 5 would refer to a magnetic heading of 50 degrees. To land the opposite way, 180 degrees is added, in this case to 230 degrees or 23.

County Administrator Charles Stewart said the rehabilitation would include repaving the runway with a thicker type of asphalt. He said the thicker asphalt would allow planes to land — pilots are limited by the weight of the aircraft and the type of material of the runway – at the airport.

It is hoped by the council that the new surface will attract additional economic development to the county.

Currently planes that are unable to land at the Darlington jetport probably would land at Florence Regional Airport in neighboring Florence County.

Later the council also approved the awarding of a contract to Hi-way Pavin for the rehabilitation project in the amount of $4.235 million.

In other action Monday evening, the council also:

>> Recognized three teams from the county for their accomplishments this summer.

>> Recognized four members of the Darlington County Council – David Coker, Joyce W. Thomas, Chairman Bobby Hudson and Vice Chairman J. Lewis Brown – and Stewart for graduating from the South Carolina Association of Counties' Institute of Government for County Officials.

>> Approved upon third reading an ordinance amending the boundaries of a metaphorical joint industrial park with Florence County for Project Clean, an ordinance approving the issuance of $4.2 million in general obligation bonds, and an ordinance approving the issuance of $4.1 million in fire protection district bonds.

>> Approved a resolution recognizing Deputy David Self.

>> Awarded a lease for the farm land in the interior and exterior of the airport.

>> Awarded a bid for an environmental services truck to Peterbilt Truck of Florence in the amount of $128,778.71.

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