Atrial fibrillation, also called AF or A-Fib, is one of the most common irregular heart rhythms. An abnormality of the electrical system of the heart, atrial fibrillation is a rapid beating of the upper chambers of the heart, which prevents the heart from pumping blood adequately to the lower chambers.

As the summer comes to an end and the school routines resume, it’s a good time to look at the pantry and think about what foods to have on hand for quick, easy and healthy breakfasts, lunches and snacks.

FLORENCE, S.C. – Dr. Virginia Clyburn-Ipock, a radiation oncologist at McLeod Cancer Center, spoke Monday to the Florence Rotary Club at Victors about the role radiation plays in treating cancer patients.

What is often the most blessed time in your life can also be one of the most stressful for a newborn baby and a mother if choosing to breastfeed.

The human heart has four main valves. Their function is to keep the blood flowing through the heart in one direction. If one of the four valves does not open or close properly, the result is heart valve disease.

FLORENCE, S.C. -- HopeHealth welcomes Meagan Bennett, MSN, FNP, as a family nurse practitioner at HopeHealth at Francis Marion.

Maintaining a healthy weight is important for health, but you might be wondering just how important losing those extra pounds can be.

The recent outbreak of hepatitis A in parts of South Carolina put health officials on high alert, but hepatitis A isn’t the only strain of hepatitis on the radar of infectious disease specialists.

Just as your child begins to settle into the celebration of freedom that is summer, slightly frazzled parents may suddenly ask themselves if there is something that they will need from their children’s doctor to successfully re-enroll them in the fall.

Approximately 795,000 people in the United States will have a stroke each year, according to the American Stroke Association. Stroke occurs when blood, which carries oxygen and nutrients necessary for brain cell function, is prevented from reaching the brain, causing brain cells to die.

In the good ole summertime, there are tons of fun activities to enjoy outside. With higher temperatures and more outdoor activities, our bodies lose more water, and the risk of dehydration increases.

A knee replacement is a very effective treatment for many patients with arthritis, which is one of the most common causes of knee pain in adults and can lead to poor mobility. Determining whether a knee replacement is right for you requires careful evaluation and consultation with your orthopedic surgeon.

May was mental health awareness month, and you might have read about the importance of caring for your mental well-being.

You might not think about protecting your skin when you head out the door for work each day, but you should. With a few changes to your routine, you can easily make sun safety part of your healthy lifestyle every day.

Journal of the American Medical Association

One of my favorite patients is Mr Gardner (not his real name). He lives on the South Side of Chicago, in a region whose residents are predominantly African American, with high levels of violent crime and not a single level I trauma center for adults (though my hospital has proposed to build …

British Medical Journal

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I appreciate the effort to elicit patients’ expectations on a large scale.1 But I wonder whether we should also survey what doctors need from 21st century patients. I am aware of a 2018 survey of...

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Have you looked outside? Summer’s overThese lollies aren’t designed to cool you down on a hot day: they’re for postoperative patients.After having their tonsils out?No, although some evidence shows...

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

A food allergy happens when the body has a specific and recurring immune response to certain foods. The immune response can be severe and life threatening, such as anaphylaxis. Although the immune system normally protects people, in people with food allergies, the immune system mistakenly re…

Motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death among people ages 1-54 in the United States. In 2012, more than 2.2 million adult drivers and passengers were treated in emergency departments as the result of being injured in motor vehicle crashes. In the same year, non-fatal crash injurie…

It can be hard to tell if someone has asthma, especially in children younger than 5. Having a doctor check how well your lungs work and check for allergies can help you find out if you have asthma. During a checkup, the doctor will ask if you cough a lot, especially at night, and whether you…

In general, infertility is defined as not being able to get pregnant (conceive) after one year of unprotected sex. Women who do not have regular menstrual cycles, or are older than 35 years and have not conceived during a 6-month period of trying, should consider making an appointment with a…

Infants are particularly vulnerable to infectious diseases; that is why it is critical to protect them with immunization. Each day, nearly 12,000 babies are born in the United States who will need to be immunized before age two against 14 serious diseases that can be prevented by vaccines. I…

World Health Organization

On 7 April, World Health Day, the World Health Organization marks its 70th anniversary. Over the past 7 decades, WHO has spearheaded efforts to rid the world of killer diseases like smallpox and to fight against deadly habits like tobacco use.