As I was thinking back on memories and thinking ahead on future memories, the term “bucket list” appeared in my mind out of nowhere.

Then I started thinking and researching on the meaning of “bucket list” and found a few answers to my question. I found out that the term was coined by screenwriter Justin Zackham back in 1999, and it was popularized in a movie of the same name, “Bucket List,” starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman in 2007.

The basic meaning for “bucket list” is to list achievements or goals or experiences that you wish to accomplish by a certain age during your lifetime, or before dying. It is a “to-do” list to get done before we “kick the bucket,” so to speak (before we die).

I dare to say that by judging from the meanings given, there is a good chance that we all have a “bucket list” that we want to accomplish.

Whether you have called it a “bucket list” or not, I venture to say that you have thought about accomplishing something that seemed unlikely, or you might have scheduled a well-deserved trip or vacation for the family. There is always something that you feel needs to be done or should be done in your lifetime. Think about it. You can come up with many things to do or see.

After researching, I discovered the top 10 “bucket list” destinations, if traveling is your game. They are all over the world, with one in America, the Grand Canyon, and seeing the Northern Lights (which can be seen in many of our northern states)

Realistically, we could or should maybe settle on just travelling in our own country! There are so many things to see and do right here in America! Specifically, I am talking about visiting the national parks. These parks are in every state in the union.

Some of the marquee national parks are Yosemite, Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon! And there is the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore in Michigan! Beautiful scenery! But there are many, many more.

In fact, there is a national park here is South Carolina. The Congaree National Park is near Columbia, and that is an easy drive, and then you could also visit one of the best zoos around, the Riverbanks Zoo. Start your “bucket list” soon!

My wife and I have been able to check off many things on our “bucker list” over the past 10 years. Like taking a cruise to the Bahamas and Key West. Visiting many major large cities across the United States and visiting many beautiful Catholic churches while in these cities while on a Knights of Columbus Supreme Convention.

Go visit Washington, D.C., Denver, Los Angeles or San Antonio. You will not be disappointed. On our 2016 trip to Seattle, we visited the Badlands, Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone National Park. Then in 2017, driving from Seattle to Columbia, we visited Mt. Rainier, Crater Lake National Park, Yosemite National Park, the Redwood and the Sequoia national parks, Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon and the Petrified Forest National Park.

We have three more destinations that we really want to visit, and they are across the “big pond.” Namely, Scotland, Ireland and Italy. This fall we will get to check off the list our visit to Rome. We will be traveling with 80 couples and Bishop Robert Guglielmone from the Diocese of Charleston, as he will lead this awesome pilgrimage. We will see many historical sites and have Mass with Pope Francis! We cannot wait for this pilgrimage!

With God calling us, we were able to check off on the list our marriage. As cradle Catholics, Sue and I have been married for nearly 45 years, have two adult children and six grandchildren. Both of our children and their spouses are practicing Catholics with their children having been baptized in the Catholic Church and educating them in our faith.

My next accomplishment for my “bucket list” was that I answered the calling from God that I kept hearing for years and completed a five-year educational/training process to become a deacon in the Catholic Church. I am humbled to be able to carry out my ministry in my faith at St. Anne Catholic Church, here in Florence.

I am so thankful for being ordained by Bishop Guglielmone on Jan. 30, 2016, on Johns Island at Holy Spirit Catholic Church. God has had me do so many things so far in my ministry: counsel individuals, visit the sick and shut ins, marriage preparation, wake services, funerals, internments, head the staff that teaches adults that want to become Catholic, celebrate novenas and communion services, baptismal preparation and to baptize infants and toddlers.

My final check off on my list (so far) is that I have been blessed to baptize my two youngest grandchildren, one in Mt. Pleasant and one in Blythewood!

To God be the honor and glory, forever! God is good … all the time!

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Bob Cox is a deacon at St. Anne Catholic Church in Florence. Contact him and other board members at

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