Michael McCants

Impact Church of the Nazerene Senior Pastor Michael McCants and his wife, Hope, will soon be relocating to Atlanta.

FLORENCE, S.C. – Impact Church of the Nazerene will soon be without its leader.

Founder and Sr. Pastor Michael L. McCants confirmed this week that he will resign from his position effective June 30.

McCants and his wife, Hope, will relocate to Atlanta so they can take a ministry assignment as the new pastors of the historical East Point Church of the Nazarene.

"Although I never dreamed or planned to ever leave the church I founded known as 'Impact,' I know it is the will of God that we accept this new assignment,” McCants said. “Although it hurts, I must obey God. I am excited, honored and humbled that God and our church officials have chosen us to lead such a historical church with a rich heritage.

“God has big plans in East Point, and I am humbled to lead the way. It’s our goal to persevere the legacy and ministry of the Husbands’ while moving forward with the sequel of the church's story. There is another book. Keep us in your prayers as we endeavor to obey God and lead Gods people.”

East Point Church, founded in 1980, is one of the oldest black ministries in the Church of the Nazarene, and McCants will be the second pastor of this historic church. The first pastor and founder was the late Dr. Edwards Husband.

McCants founded A New Start International, the only black Nazerene church in the district. Then, in July 2018, he merged A New Start with Family Life Church of the Nazerene, the established church in Florence.

The merged church is called Impact Church of the Nazerene.

McCants also established a plant church in Columbia that serves 200 people and 300 Youth Saved Initiative which led 300 youth to Christ.

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