Michelle M. Law-Gordon

Michelle M. Law-Gordon

2020 begins a new decade, and my hope is that it breeds new mindsets, new goals, new objectives and new visions.

I’ve heard an array of slogans and/or clichés in reference to this new year. This year has been referred to as the year of perfect vision, the year of clear vision, the year of progress and other descriptions that I cannot recall. My point is, there is a whole lot of hype about 2020.

I used to think if a person had 20/20 vision, then he/she had perfect vision, but I now know differently. 20/20 vision refers to the clarity or sharpness of vision at a distance. It refers to the normalcy of a person’s eyesight or how well one can see what the average person can see at a distance of 20 feet away. In a nutshell, it refers to one’s ability to see something far off.

That’s 20/20 vision in the physical sense.

But what about 20/20 vision in the spiritual sense? What does that look like? Spiritual vision is important in the life of a Christian. As a matter of fact, while 20/20 vision is normal eyesight for the average person in the physical sense, 20/20 spiritual vision should be the norm for the Christian.

I have often shared with others that I not only have the ability to see with my natural eyes, but I also see with my spiritual eyes. What this means is, I don’t have to see something in the natural to believe it. My spiritual vision allows me to walk by faith and not by sight (2 Cor 5:7), often believing what I cannot see. My spiritual vision enables me to operate in my present like I’m already in my future. When all around me seems dark, it is spiritual vision that reveals the light at the end of the tunnel.

No one wants to believe their views are distorted or that they “cannot see the forest for the trees,” but my friends, in many instances, in both the physical and spiritual sense, they are guilty as charged. Their vision may have become clouded as a result of experiences, biases, cultural upbringing, and/or human nature, which in turn has caused their perceptions to become their realities.

Or perhaps they have allowed someone else’s vision to become their vision and someone else’s view of them to become their own. Their view is blurred, clouded and/or distorted, and they can no longer see. They’ve lost sight of who they are, whose they are and all that they are capable of doing!

Their eyesight isn’t what it used to be. They no longer have 20/20 vision!

What about you? How is your vision in this new decade? How do you see yourself? Where do you see yourself going? Have you done what so many of us do and set a New Year’s resolution that you’ve already failed to accomplish? Have you started the year off taking on a huge amount of debt rather than focusing on how to clear the outstanding debt of past mistakes? Have you begun this year believing yourself to be failure with no plans of attempting to try? Have you started the year with the same destructive behaviors you ended last year with?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you have lost sight, but your vision can be restored. 2020 can be a year of clear vision for you! It can be your year of progress and so much more!

IF you’ve failed your resolution, get back up and try again. Proverbs 24:16 says, “Though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again.”

IF you’re tempted to take on more debt, begin seeing yourself as the lender and not the borrower. IF you see yourself as a failure, let me remind you as my colleague in ministry often reminds me, “God will bless your try.” For those destructive behaviors that seem to have you bound, “Forget about those things that are behind you and press forward for the prize that awaits you.”

In this New Year, you can regain your sight and have 20/20 vision. It’s a simple process.

First, although you cannot see him in the natural, you must see God for who he truly is: your maker, creator and sustainer. You must see him through his revelation of himself in the person of his Son through his Word. You must acknowledge him as the author and finisher of your faith which means he not only created you, but he is in charge. When you see God for who he is, then you will see yourself as God sees you, fearfully and wonderfully made, created in his image and likeness. Seeing yourself as God’s creation will allow you to see obstacles as opportunities and problems as tools through which God’s purpose and plan for your life will be fulfilled.

My friends, in this new decade, you can have 20/20 vision! Your sight can be restored. 2020 can be your year of progress, and you can begin operating in the present as if you have already arrived in your future that awaits you! 20/20 vision allows you to see that which is at a distance as if it were within arm’s reach.

This is your year! Do you see what I see? God has much in store for you!

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Michelle M. Law-Gordon is the pastor of Open Door Baptist Church and a lifelong member of New Ebenezer Baptist Church in Florence. She is a member of the Morning News’ Faith & Values Advisory Board. Contact her and other board members at fvboard@florencenews.

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