When I was a child, I was given a gyroscope.

A gyroscope is a steel wire cage in which a small but heavy flywheel is made with an axle running through the hub of the flywheel. The ends of the axle are set in the cage. When a string is wrapped around the axle and pulled quickly and forcefully, the wheel within the cage will spin and remain spinning upright.

Because of the weight of the flywheel, the gyroscope remains spinning for a longer time and keeps its vertical orientation before wobbling and falling over.

The heart of the gyro is the flywheel, which is set in motion from an external source of energy.

When everything is running well for people, their “spin” and “attitude” are sufficient to carry on. However, when the energy runs low, as it inevitably will, their creativity, kindness, power and relationships suffer. They begin to “wobble.”

Energy can run low not only from hunger but from becoming out of balance due to the stresses of life and a lack of awareness of their limits, their need to be in positive relationships and creative outlets for their emotions.

“Pull the string; spin me up!” becomes the prayer of the one in need.

The energy of the love of God flows in, with and under us, and above and below us forever and ever, world without end. When we are aware by our need, or by the presence of the Spirit, the love of God, the energy of God at work within us renews us. “Behold, I make all things new.”

That energy is always there for us and all creation. It is not limited by our self-centeredness, or foolish decisions and hurtful actions.

“God sends the rain on the just and the unjust,” as Jesus said. The blessings of rain are sent to a thirsty world of people. The energy of the love of God is ours for free as a gift. Not because we earn or deserve it, but because God is always and ever will be love.

Sometimes people use the expression “spun up” to mean a person has become passionately caught up in an idea or a situation or an emotion.

In the midst of our mortality, ignorance and foolish ways, God transforms our sins, spinning them up into life. He spins them up from fool’s gold to real gold; from mortality into the life of the Kingdom. He spins us up to new life in the midst of all that would drag us down.

As Christ was raised from his mortality to eternal life, so too does God intend this goodness for us – all of us, without exception.

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Phil Emanuel is the priest-in-charge at St. Catherine’s Episcopal Church in Florence.

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