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Jennifer Kelly Hoskins’ 2019 ArtFields piece, “Papa,” is an alternative self-portrait of the artist's and her late grandfather’s hands when he was in the hospital.

LAKE CITY, S.C. – Jennifer Kelly Hoskins said she hopes this year’s ArtFields piece encourages viewers to reflect and reconcile the past with the present.

“My work examines introspective relationships by looking at people’s pasts through personal symbols of nostalgia,” Hoskins said in her artist statement. “The drawings replicate the vividness of the memories that return to us from our former selves.”

Hoskins’ 2019 ArtFields piece, “Papa,” is part of a larger collection of pieces that depict nostalgia through touch. “Papa” is particularly personal to Hoskins, she said. The piece is an alternative self-portrait of Hoskins' and her late grandfather’s hands when he was in the hospital.

“He had a significant impact on my life from a young age, and the piece was created in honor of his memory,” Hoskins said.

From a young age, Hoskins said, she always enjoyed the process of expressing herself through artwork. In addition to showing a creative flare, Hoskins also tended to be introspective at a young age, she said.

“[I was] curious about the connections of people to one another and the environment around them,” Hoskins said.

Her work often depicts connectivity from past and present, relationships between people and between people and objects. Yet there is not only connectivity depicted in a piece but an invitation for the viewer to connect with the relatable, detailed work.

Hoskins said she enjoys how colored pencils allow her to blend and precisely control detail, especially in her series on nostalgia and touch.

When not creating art with colored pencils or oil paint, Hoskins enjoys exploring nature and teaching art.

Hoskins’ work has been featured nationally and internationally. The 2019 ArtFields marks her second time participating in the festival and competition. Hoskins said it is a compliment to be a part of the competition and she looks forward to attending the awards ceremony on Saturday.

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