SPECIAL REFEREENOTICE OF SALE 2019-CP-16-00954 BY VIRTUE of a decree heretofore granted in the case of: U.S. Bank National Association, not in its individual capacity but solely as Trustee for the CIM TRUST 2018-NR1 Mortgage-Backed Notes, Series 2018-NR1 vs. Phyleshia Ziporia Tinsley a/k/a Phyleshia Z. Tinsley a/k/a Phyleshia Ziporia Murray; and Evette T. McCaskill, I, the undersigned Haigh Porter, Special Referee for Darlington County, or his designee will sell on Monday, February 3, 2020 at 12:00 PM, at the County Courthouse, One Public Square, Darlington, SC 29540, to the highest bidder: Lot No. 1: All that certain piece, parcel or lot of land, together with the buildings and improvements thereon, situate, lying and being in the corporate limits of City of Hartsville, in Darlington County, State of South Carolina, being located at the Northeast corner of the intersection of Sumter Avenue and Eighth Street, and measuring and being bounded as follows: North by lands of N.S. Martin, measuring thereon a distance of one hundred ten (110) feet; East by lands of The Bank of Hartsville, measuring thereon a distance of one hundred seven and five-tenths (107.5) feet; South by the right-of-way of Sumter Avenue, a distance of one hundred thirty-four (134) feet; and, West by the right-of-way of Eighth Street, measuring thereon a distance of one hundred seven and five-tenths (107.5) feet. Lot No. 2: All that certain piece, parcel or lot of land, situate, lying and being in the City of Hartsville, in the County of Darlington, in the State of South Carolina, located on the West side of Sumter Avenue and designated as Lot No. Eleven (11) on plat of property of the Bank of Hartsville Made by T. E. Wilson, C.E., dated October 20, 1938; said lot measuring Fifty (50) feet along its Northern and Southern boundaries and One Hundred Fifty-seven and five-tenths (157.5) feet along its Eastern and Western boundaries and is bounded: North by property of Alfred V. Brown, formerly of the Estate of T.J. Bell; East by property of Robert J. Rogers and Ella Mae Rogers Lot No. 10 on said plat; South by Sumter Avenue; and West by property of the Estate of D.A. Williams formerly of Bessie Bell Bass. Together with all and singular, the rights, members, hereditaments and appurtenances to the said premises belonging or in anywise incident or appertaining. This being the same property conveyed to Robert Murray, Jr. and Annie Jo Murray by deed of William Garnet Anderson, Jr. and Annie Maxine McLamb Anderson, dated December 20, 1978 and recorded December 29, 1978 in Book 788 at Page 421; thereafter, Robert Murray, Jr. conveyed his interest in the subject property to Annie Jo Murray by deed dated May 2, 1984 and recorded May 9, 1984 in Book 872 at Page 726 in the Office of the Register of Deeds for Darlington County. Subsequently, Annie Jo Murray a/k/a Annie Joe Murray a/k/a Annie Murray a/k/a Annie Jo J. Murray died intestate on or about December 22, 2018, leaving the subject property to her heir, namely Phyleshia Ziporia Tinsley, as shown in Probate Estate Matter Number 2019-ES-16-00040; and by Deed of Distribution dated April 18, 2019 and recorded April 18, 2019 in Book 1089 at Page 998 in the ROD Office of Darlington County. TMS No. 056-10-04-054 and 056-10-04-087 Property address: 307 S 8th Street, Hartsville, SC 29550 TERMS OF SALE: The successful bidder, other than the Plaintiff, will deposit with the Special Referee, at conclusion of the bidding, five percent (5%) of said bid is due and payable immediately upon closing of the bidding, in certified funds or equivalent, as evidence of good faith, same to be applied to purchase price in case of compliance, but to be forfeited and applied first to costs and then to Plaintiff's debt in the case of non-compliance. In the event of a third party bidder and that any third party bidder fails to deliver the required deposit in certified (immediately collectible) funds with the Office of the Special Referee, said deposit being due and payable immediately upon closing of the bidding on the day of sale, the Special Referee will re-sell the subject property at the most convenient time thereafter (including the day of sale) upon notification to counsel for Plaintiff. Should the last and highest bidder fail or refuse to comply with the balance due of the bid within 30 days, then the Special Referee may re-sell the property on the same terms and conditions on some subsequent Sales Day (at the risk of the said highest bidder). No personal or deficiency judgment being demanded, the bidding will not remain open after the date of sale, but compliance with the bid may be made immediately. Purchaser to pay for documentary stamps on Special Referee's Deed. The successful bidder will be required to pay interest on the balance of the bid from the date of sale to date of compliance with the bid at the rate of 4.970% per annum. The Plaintiff may waive any of its rights, including its right to a deficiency judgment, prior to sale. The sale shall be subject to taxes and assessments, existing easements and restrictions of record. This sale is subject to all title matters of record and any interested party should consider performing an independent title examination of the subject property as no warranty is given. The sale will not be held unless either Plaintiff's attorney or Plaintiff's bidding agent is present at the sale and either Plaintiff's attorney or Plaintiff's bidding agent enters the authorized bid of Plaintiff for this captioned matter. In the alternative, Plaintiff's counsel, if permitted by the Court, may advise this Court directly of its authorized bidding instructions. In the event a sale is inadvertently held without Plaintiff's Counsel or Counsel's bidding agent entering the authorized bid of Plaintiff for this specifically captioned matter, the sale shall be null and void and the property shall be re-advertised for sale on the next available sale date. Neither the Plaintiff nor its counsel make representations as to the integrity of the title or the fair market value of the property offered for sale. Prior to bidding you may wish to review the current state law or seek the advice of any attorney licensed in South Carolina. Haigh Porter Special Referee for Darlington County Scott and Corley, P.A. Attorney for Plaintiff (Jan. 15, 22 & 29, 2020) 1181968


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