NOTICE PURSUANT TO TITLE 44, CHAPTER 7, ARTICLE 11, CODE OF LAWS OF SOUTH CAROLINA 1976, AS AMENDED Notice is hereby given that following the filing of a Petition by the County Council of Florence County, South Carolina (the "County Council") to the State Fiscal Accountability Authority of South Carolina (the "SFAA"), approval has been given by the SFAA to the following undertaking (including changes in any details of the said financing as finally consummated which do not materially affect the said undertaking), viz.: the refinancing of certain outstanding revenue bonds (the "Prior Bonds") issued by Florence County, South Carolina (the "County") on behalf of McLeod Regional Medical Center of the Pee Dee, Inc. (the "Borrower") in order to achieve a savings with respect to debt service on the Prior Bonds (the refunding of the Prior Bonds being referred to the "Undertaking"). To finance the Undertaking, the County will issue not exceeding $86,970,000 Florence County, South Carolina Refunding Hospital Revenue Bonds (McLeod Regional Medical Center Project) (the "Bonds"), from time to time, in one or more series, pursuant to Title 44, Chapter 7, Article 11, Code of Laws of South Carolina 1976, as amended. Because the Prior Bonds refinanced certain hospital facilities located in Dillon County, South Carolina ("Dillon County"), the County will enter into an "intergovernmental loan agreement" with Dillon County as required by the Act in connection with the Bonds. The Bonds will be payable by the County solely from the amounts to be paid to the County by the Borrower pursuant to a Loan Agreement or Loan Agreements among the County, Dillon County and the Borrower. Pursuant to an Assignment or Assignments, the County will assign substantially all of its rights under the Loan Agreement or Loan Agreements to the trustee for the Bonds. The Borrower will irrevocably covenant and agree pursuant to the Loan Agreement or Loan Agreements to pay when due all sums required to pay the principal of and interest on the Bonds. The Bonds will be issued pursuant to the Act and an ordinance to be adopted by the County Council. The obligations of the Borrower under the Loan Agreement or Loan Agreements will be secured by the revenues of the Borrower and certain of its affiliates. Pursuant to Section 44-7-1480 of the Act, the County Council has previously found that: (a) There was and continues to be a need for the projects financed by the Prior Bonds (the "Projects") in the areas in which they are located; (b) The Borrower will be obligated pursuant to the Loan Agreement or Loan Agreements to make all payments of principal of and interest on the Bonds and to operate, repair and maintain the Projects at its own expense; and (c) The Borrower has provided for all public facilities. Including utilities, necessary for the operation of the Projects. Notice is further given that any interested party may at any time within twenty (20) days after the date of publication of this Notice, but not afterwards, challenge the validity of the action of the SFAA in approving the Undertaking of the County Council by action de novo instituted in the Court of Common Pleas for Florence County. STATE FISCAL ACCOUNTABILITY AUTHORITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA By: Delbert H. Singleton, Jr, Authority Secretary Dated: May 20, 2020


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