Dr. Jennifer Evans

Dr. Jennifer Evans speaks at the Florence Career Center on Wednesday morning.

FLORENCE, S.C. – Students in Fran Daniels Richardson’s class got a helping hand from a local chiropractor Wednesday morning.

Through the Future Entrepreneurs Scholars Foundation, Dr. Jennifer Evans spoke to the entrepreneurship students at the Florence Career Center about her journey from Lynchburg to being the first person in her family to graduate from college to becoming a chiropractor in Florence. Lynchburg is a small town in eastern Lee County.

In her speech, Evans said she had always been drawn to the medical field. She said she became a certified nursing assistant while in high school. After high school, she planned to go to the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) and then attend medical school.

However, her grandmother had a severe stroke, causing her to alter her plans to be close to the woman Evans said practically raised her. Evans said her mother worked three jobs through most of her youth.

Evans attended Francis Marion University still intending on medical school. Once Evans got to experience the field by shadowing doctors, she realized that the field was not for her. She said she did not like the lack of interaction with the patients. Once she watched as a doctor she shadowed never spent more than six minutes with a patient during a day.

Then, during her junior year as a Patriot, Evans’ brother, who she said had made the decision to become involved in drugs and gangs, was severely injured during a chase. The prognosis from the doctors was rather bleak: if her brother lived, the doctors said, he would never be able to walk, talk, or even eat again.

The Evans family made the decision to try holistic medicine for her brother after several weeks of no improvement.

Almost instantly, her brother began to improve and Evans found her true passion in the medical field.

“This is my jam,” she said.

Evans found herself trying to complete side projects on holistic medicine and studying during breaks at Francis Marion. She attended chiropractic school in Florida before returning to Florence and while there, she worked three jobs to put herself through the school. Now, she is a chiropractor at Eastern Carolina Medicine.

She told the students she had achieved her dream by following her passion, holistic medicine, being disciplined through school, and planning her path.

Evans also told the students to begin planning their futures now.

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