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HARTSVILLE, S.C. — An ordinance to annex 50 acres into Hartsville’s city limits for future development won final approval from the Hartsville City Council Tuesday.

The unanimous vote came during the council’s regular meeting for September.

Three pieces of property behind the current Walmart property off Hartsville Crossing make up the 50.13 acres. They range in size from 6.28 acres to 31.85 acres.

The developer, Josh Thomason of PHLH – Hartsville LLC, petitioned to have the property annexed in order to obtain city services for the property.

The first phase of the planned development project will consist of a 32-unit apartment complex.

The developer told council members in August that construction could begin within about 60 days.

After the council gave preliminary approval to the annexation ordinance in August, the Hartsville Planning Commission approved a site-development plan for the project later in the month.

Initially, the project will consist of construction of two apartment buildings, each two stories and each with 16 apartments, according to Paul Mills, an engineer with Site Design Inc. of Greenville, who presented the site development plan in August.

The complex will include a playground and a clubhouse, Mills said. Two detention ponds to handle stormwater drainage will be enclosed with chain-link safety fencing, he said. The building’s footprint will also include a parking lot.

The project will include extension of an existing partial road off Hartsville Crossing that will connect the complex to Hartsville Crossing, according to the site plan.

City Manager Natalie Zeigler said details about the road portion of the project are still being worked out.

City officials say the apartments will help meet the need for more affordable housing in Hartsville.

In other business, the council gave final approval to an ordinance to acquire three lots for possible future commercial development for a total purchase price of $79,000. One of the lots is on the corner of Marlboro Avenue and Sixth Street. An adjoining lot is behind the Hartsville Police Department. The third is at 2205 Robinson St.

The council also gave first-reading approval to an ordinance to transfer a piece of city-owned property adjoining the Hampton Inn property on Fourth Street and Railroad Avenue to the Hartsville Development Corp. for inclusion in the proposed Canalside development project. The 0.75-acre parcel is valued at $25,000.

The city created the nonprofit development corporation to undertake economic development projects in the city. The city controls the corporation by virtue of its appointment of two of the corporation’s three-member board of directors.

The Canalside project, also referred to as the Canal District, is a proposed long-term development project that will be part of a larger multi-county business park. The city and the corporation have acquired a number of properties for inclusion in the project.

City ordinances and state law allow the city to transfer city-owned property by grant or below market value to the corporation for future development if doing so meets certain standards that are deemed in the best interest of the city, promote economic development and encourage improvement in the city’s quality of life.

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