FLORENCE, S.C. — For the third year in a row, Mingle of the Pee Dee and Inspire Us provided eight students with scholarships and dorm supplies on Tuesday.

Mingle of the Pee Dee is an organization that works for change within the community with community service. The Deck the Dorm event is how it provided three students with dorm supplies: hygiene products, bedding, baskets, snacks, laundry detergent, plates, shower caddies and other items.

For students to be considered for the dorm supplies they had to write an essay on the importance of an education and cohesively weave information about themselves into it.

“We know education is important and we want to make sure they are prepared,” said Les Echols, co-founder of Mingle of the Pee Dee.

Echols said often students get to college and realize they did not have the simplest necessities.

“When students are worried that they don’t have supplies like an iron board or starch, we don’t want them to get distracted from their studies,” Echols said.

Daydreona Huggins was a recipient of dorm supplies.

“It means a lot to me to receive these dorm supplies because in order to earn something, you must work hard for it,” Huggins said.

Tyriq McNeil said receiving the supplies actually helps him and his roommate, and it allows him to be successful.

“Work hard in silence and let success do all the noise,” McNeil said.

Inspire Us, a local organization that seeks to inspire people to achieve their highest potential, awarded $500 scholarships to five students on Tuesday.

“The students in the area have a financial need; a lot of students are stuck with loans,” said LaDara Josey, executive director of Inspire Us. “This allows them to alleviate costs so they can avoid large loan debts.”

“The students need this scholarship to make sure they get above where they are now,” said Moreik Richardson, Inspire Us board member. “We as adults can show them the way, so they can show the way for future generations.”

To apply, students had to fill out an Inspire Us application, provide school acceptance letter, recommendation letters and a community service project proposal.

“I’m thankful that somebody decided to invest in my education so that I can pursue a career in what I love,” said Armani Sumpter, a scholarship recipient.

She plans on being a physician assistant.

Andersen Johnston said everything he learns in college, he plans to back locally.

“This scholarship means opportunity because it allows us to do our best in education and bring it back to the community,” said Andersen Johnston, recipient of the scholarship.

The event was held at Soulé Café on Irby Street.

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