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Saturday 05/07/2016
NASCAR on Broadway not far-fetched
Posted: May 07, 2016

It always interests me to learn more about how people view NASCAR from the outside looking in.

Saturday 04/30/2016
COLUMN: Shooting the bull in NASCAR
Posted: April 30, 2016

Q: How do you stop a bull from charging?

Saturday 04/02/2016
Beware of the Ides of March Madness: NASCAR's tournament has become entertaining
Posted: April 02, 2016

At the time of this writing, the four teams left standing in the NCAA Tournament are the University of North Carolina Tar Heels, the Orange of Syracuse, the Villanova Wildcats and whatever that fourth team is … oh yeah, the Oklahoma Sooners, which many bracketology “experts” predict will be changing their name to the Laters, despite the fact that they started the tournament as a No. 2 seed.

Friday 12/18/2015
EDWARDS COLUMN: Serena falls woefully short for a 'Sportsperson of the Year'
Posted: December 18, 2015

Serena Williams has been named Sports Illustrated “Sportsperson of the Year.” The award used to be known as the Sportsman or Sportswoman of the Year, but in the always politically correct world of Sports Illustrated we are no longer men or women but persons.

Sunday 12/06/2015
EDWARDS COLUMN: Hoping aging stars can move on successfully
Posted: December 06, 2015

Last week was a rough one for American sports icons. Kobe Bryant announced the current NBA season would be his last. Tiger Woods has “no expectations” for the rest of his career. And Peyton Manning is in a walking cast.

Saturday 11/21/2015
COLUMN: Hoping we aren’t late to the fight with ISIS
Posted: November 21, 2015

While the Francis Marion men’s basketball team played its first game of the season last Friday, Nov. 13, Islamic terrorists detonated bombs outside the cavernous Stade de France soccer stadium just north of Paris. It was the first barrage of a night of terror and carnage in the “City of Lights.”

Tuesday 10/06/2015
COLUMN: Burger great writer, even better friend
Posted: October 06, 2015

Marky Mark, Bonnie and I are in Sweden and just read your column. Welcome to the club we don't want to belong to. Thank goodness for good healthcare. I'm almost eight years down this road. We are pulling for you. Look forward to positive updates.

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