NORTH MYRTLE BEACH - High school can be a tough place. Just ask any of the students at North Myrtle Beach High School.

Grades. Friends. Jobs. After-school activities. All of them stressful, and all of them time-consuming.

But for at least 19 North Myrtle Beach students, they also have to deal with financial concerns of one form or another, and are thereby classified as "homeless."

"(The district) covers certain items under federal law," said Christiana Ingram, who works in the school's guidance office. "Anything above that, we try to take care of through Teen Angel," she said. "That's why Teen Angel was created."

Teen Angel started last Christmas as a fundraiser to help the more than 20 homeless or disadvantaged students by providing them with some spending money to buy gifts for themselves at Tanger Outlets.  It's now a non-profit organization that provides much more for this year's students than just gift money.

"We've helped kids go to the doctor," said Principal Trevor Strawderman. "We've helped students go to the prom, get their hair done for prom, buy yearbooks, some of the luxuries we all take for granted. We just try to make their high school experience more enjoyable," he said.

One student, who asked not to be identified, told News13 her participation in Teen Angel means she can focus on schoolwork instead of making ends meet all of the time.

"I don't have to worry too much about things at home," she said. "They're helping me a lot with more than just getting an education," she said.

The city of North Myrtle Beach recently held a fundraiser that brought in more than $1,000 at the Aquatic and Fitness Center, and there's a fundraiser happening Saturday, November 20 at Surf Golf and Beach Club in North Myrtle Beach.  The club's 2nd annual bazaar will allow members to sell their belongings, and ten percent of all proceeds will benefit Teen Angel.

If you'd like more information about Teen Angel, call Christiana Ingram at the school at: (843) 399-6171.