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Justin Johnson
  • Justin Johnson
  • Columnist
  • E-mail: jdjohnson@florencenews.com
  • Address: 310 S. Dargan Street Florence, SC 29501
  • Justin Johnson is content editor at the Morning News, as well as a pop culture fanatic with an unhealthy love for video games, television, movies and music. He is also a freelance graphic designer and writer. He holds a Master's Degree in Media Studies from The New School in New York City as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Theatre from Coker College.
Laurie Crosswell
  • Laurie Crosswell
  • Movie Columnist
  • E-mail: laurie.crosswell@gmail.com
  • Address: 310 S. Dargan Street Florence, SC 29501
  • Laurie Crosswell only loves one thing more than her Clemson Tigers - movies! She reviews the latest streaming releases for the Morning News. Reach her at laurie.crosswell@gmail.com

Recent Headlines

Wednesday 05/04/2016
JUSTIN JOHNSON: Ogre-done (or, "Swamp Thing")
Posted: May 04, 2016

Actors are like onions: They both have layers.

Onions have layers. Actors have layers.

Wednesday 04/27/2016
COLUMN: Why Katamari?
Posted: April 27, 2016

Speaking of rolling up into cities (re: last week’s column), how about that Katamari?


Thursday 04/21/2016
LIVING ROOM CINEMA: 'Hush,' 'In the Heart of the Sea'
Posted: April 21, 2016

'Hush' a gem of a horror film

Tuesday 04/19/2016
COLUMN: Why Chicago?
Posted: April 19, 2016

Speaking of Gotham (re: last week’s column), how about Chicago?

(Gotham City is inspired by Chicago, at least in tone. Keep up.)

Wednesday 04/13/2016
COLUMN: Why Batman?
Posted: April 13, 2016

Speaking of wild inconsistency (re: last week’s column), how about that Batman?

Thursday 04/07/2016
LIVING ROOM CINEMA: 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens,' 'Mockingjay Part2'
Posted: April 07, 2016

Storytelling quality makes ‘Force’ magical

Wednesday 04/06/2016
COLUMN: Why Weezer?
Posted: April 06, 2016

Weezer just released their...tenth album.

(Tenth?! Their TENTH album?!)

And it’s fantastic.

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